It has finally happened

Katy says: When I asked people to send me pictures of ads for Chávez in government buildings or paid for by government entities, I promised myself that if I got three pictures, I would start a separate blog where I could store them. Well, today I got my third picture.

I’ve decided to start the Chávez re-election blog.

My goal is for this to be an unsophisticated blog, without many links or trinkets. It will simply be a place where I can put all the pictures I get and provide some context for them. I will not be posting much more than that, since I would rather continue abusing Quico’s invitation to be a guest-blogger and post here. I will not be documenting newspaper ads showing the government’s abuse, since Bruni is doing a marvelous job at that already.

And remember: pictures should be sent to me, at katycaracas at hotmail dot com. I guarantee strict confidentiality.