The Translation-bot Revolution

Quico says: Following on from yesterday’s ground breaking revelations, I see this in the INCES website:

Now that is a classic! Sadly, the banner seems to have been taken down now, to be replaced with one that’s big into “impelling the union among the towns.” (Confused? Check the comments section.)

The site itself goes on to inform us that,

“The front of workers for the yes that make academic life in the Center of Socialist Agricultural Formation ‘José Laurencio Silva’ of the National Institute of Qualification regional Educational Socialist (Inces) Cojedes, installed today in San Carlos’ streets, red points of information in favor of the constitutional amendment.”

Mmmmmm…moving on:

“Starting from the present month the National Institute of Qualification and Socialist Education (INCES) and the Producer and Distribuidora of Foods (PDVAL), unify efforts to take more and better feeding to the mediating population an agreement that allows at last o’clock, to carry out distribution of their products in the facilities of the socialist formation (CFS) diverse centers of Inces in the state Lara.”

Good thing that’s cleared up then!

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again: for the amount of money chavismo spends, the standard of propaganda they buy themselves is truly appalling.

Seriously, shouldn’t Clodosbaldo Russián be investigating this? However much they’re paying the guy who convinced them INCES needed a website in English, that’s a salvaguarda case right there!

[H/T: W.T.]