Thoughts on Day Three of the Blog Challenge

Quico says: This is hard! Way hard! Reading Venezuelan news sites when you know you gotta find material to meet a self-imposed quota is actually really stressful. It makes you really aware of just how much not-worth-reading-dreck gets published in the Venezuelan media. And it keeps you in a state of jittery, edge-of-your-seat tension that I suppose newspaper editors thrive on, but which I’m having a hard time coping with.

It’s a really odd thing. Juan Cristobal is loving this. Even though it was my idea, I’m having a way tougher time with it than he is. What gets me is that I was so looking forward to dramatically stepping up the pace of posting, and now I just feel it’s a battle!

Strange that. I’m still not sure what it means for Caracas Chronicles 2.0. I guess it means we won’t be looking to post 20 times a day. That much is clear enough. And it means that, if you’re looking to this blog as your primary source of news…well, that’s just not good practice.

I’m going to stick out the challenge. Of course. Cuz I said I would. And because I’m still learning something from the experience. But it’s grueling. Much more so than I’d anticipated.

Post 55 of 100. I’m off to dinner.