Eavesdropping Druglord Spook Put In Charge of the Phone Company…


Quico says: So much bizarre shit happens in Venezuela on any given day that absolute belief-beggaring insanity has the easiest time just sort of slipping between the cracks. (Unofficial) reports suggests General Henry Rangel Silva, a man who has been publicly fingered as, basically, a major drug trafficker by the US Treasury Dept, who is known to have been the point-man ordered to hush up Chávez’s illegal funding of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s election campaign in Argentina (c.f., Maletagate), who ran the Venezuelan spy agency DISIP as more and more illegal recordings of private conversations made their way to state TV, some of them with cartoon sound effects layered on topthat boyscout will now run…wait for it…THE COMPANY CONTROLLING ALL TELECOMMUNICATIONS IN THE COUNTRY!

Post 79 of 100. Hyperventilating now…

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