On Countdown Mode…


So is it really, really pathetic that I’m so looking forward to the première of Isla Presidencial? If you haven’t heard, this is the Bipolar Capybara’s new animated webcast where, we’re told, "power, envy and lots of presidents wearing shorts all mix together in a deserted island."  The first episode’s due out today and, truth be told, I’m sort of on countdown mode.

The series’ parent-blog, El Chigüire Bipolar, is one of the most refreshing things to happen in the Venezuelan public sphere in ages: sharp, irreverent and reliably hysterical, I sometimes get the feeling that it makes this blog almost superfluous. They’re just so much more effective at showcasing the weird loopiness of Venezuelan reality than we could ever hope to be…

They’ve tweeted they’ll post at around noon. I can’t wait!

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