Less Granma, more grammar

Any attempt at parody is superfluous when you’re dealing with a press piece as heart-stoppingly bad as this article, published in the taxpayer-funded website of state-run Radio Nacional de Venezuela. 

It’s so bad, it’s worth translating!

In a press conference, members of the counter-revolutionary party Primero Justicia, made it perfectly clear that they lack any kind of argument to justify the consensual candidates to the National Assembly, the ones they expect to reach to the supposedly unity table.

It’s important to point out, that the tactics of Enrique Capriles Radonsky, Julio Borges and company, is to hold primaries wherever they believe Primero Justicia could win and reach a consensus where their game is lost.


In other words, a big plot to trap the other counter-revolutionary parties in the so-called unity table.


Capriles Radonsky knows that his defendant Julio Borges among others, would not win a primary, because the truth is that the Primero Justicia party, wants to disappear all other parties of the counter-revolution, so they can then win the full support of United States imperialism in its quest to get rid of the Revolutionary Government, which is changing the times of Latin America.

Mind you, this is what passes for  a "news" piece on official media. It’s not an OpEd, it’s RNV’s idea of "straight reporting" out of that news conference!

And I swear this isn’t a malicious mistranslation – the original is every bit as tendentious and mangled!