The View From Your Electric Bill: 13.8 cents/kWh in Stockholm

Today, I’m continuing on with The View From Your Electric Bill, a series of posts designed to float the ultimate political heresy: maybe, just maybe, idiotically low electricity prices in Venezuela have a little something to do with overconsumption and, thereby, with the electric crisis. 

We get to Sweden, where Electricity Bills are not only written in Moon Man language, but where the system appears particularly complicated, with consumers able to choose from a variety of electricity providers and costs varying, it seems, pretty widely depending on how smart a shopper you are. This particular bill breaks down costs between a fee for use of the National Grid and a separate one for the actual juice. (I guess those private providers are only allowed to compete on the second part – the grid charge is the same for everyone.)

When all it’s said and done, this Swede is paying 1.15 Swedish Crowns per kilowatt hour. That’s 13.8 US cents. Yow!

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