Mockusology 101: Why Colombians Are Ready to Embrace a Freak for President

It’s hard to look away from the Mockusmania gripping our Hermana República.  This documentary (Now off Vimeo, available in 6 parts on YouTube) shows it way more vividly than I could. The thing is well worth one hour of your time. It puts flesh on the bones of my deep frustration with the Venezuelan opposition’s methods for selecting candidates to the National Assembly. As you watch it, it becomes clear: Venezuela desperately needs Mockus-style leadership, and Cogollo-politics ensure it can never get it. 

The more I learn about him, the more it’s clear to me: Mockus is a visionary leader, one able to earn people’s support as he offers them what they need before they’ve quite been able to formulate it in their own minds. This doc does a wonderful job of portraying that:

Mockus is the un-populist. Whereas a populist tells you what you want to hear, Mockus tells you what you’re not yet  quite aware you need to hear.

I have no idea if he’s really going to win. I’m now terrified he’ll blow it. But one thing is for sure…after watching this video, my man-crush is complete. 

[Hat tip: Setty.]

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