The The candidates so far - what do you know about them?

Tal Cual publishes another list of candidates, with a breakdown of where the districts are located. As opposed to Panorama, this one includes some of the opposition’s "list" candidates. (Hat tip: moraimag and William)

It would be nice to discuss what we know about some of these people. For example, the PSUV candidate in Miranda’s 4th District (Guarenas, Guatire, Eastern Petare) is listed as Marleny Contreras, but really it’s Marleny Contreras de Cabello, the wife of you-know-who.

The opposition’s candidates in Aragua’s 1st District (Maracay and surrounding areas) are IVth Republic dinosaur Hiram Gaviria (hell, he was a minister in the Velasquez administration and Caldera’s Ambassador to France, if that doesn’t qualify you as a dinosaur, nothing will) and PJ’s Richard Mardo, who came within a few hundred votes of winning the mayoral office.

Also noteworthy: why are Julio Borges and WIlliam Ojeda listed as candidates for the opposition in the 4th Congressional District?

Who do you know?