Rohter stones Stone (Updated)

It’s a follow-up to a previous article in which he bashed Stone’s documentary slash love poem to Hugo Chávez

One month ago, I incurred the wrath of Oliver Stone for stating the obvious in an article I wrote:  his new movie South of the Border, ostensibly a “documentary” about Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and a group of supposedly like-minded South American colleagues, is so riddled with errors, misrepresentations, fabrications and fraudulent statistics as to be useless except as an example of over-the-top propaganda.  At the screening for the movie that I attended, I counted more than two dozen assertions that are demonstrably incorrect, but chose, in the limited space available to me, to focus on but a handful.

Hat tip to Daniel for blogging about it before me, and to Alek for blogging about it before any of us.

Update: As good a job as Rohter does, nobody can discredit Oliver Stone more than Oliver Stone himself.

Here he is, quotes as saying "Jewish domination of the media" have offered a portrayal of Hitler that needs to be "put into context." Here he is, quoted as saying Hitler and Stalin were just "products of their time."

Please, sir, continue! What is it with Academy-Award winning directors and the things they say?

(Hat tip: caterinack)