Chabuki watch #8

Communists?! ¿Quién dijo? To hear chavista candidate to the National Assembly (and former two-term governor of Delta Amacuro) Yelitza Santaella tell it, this government is almost right wing:

"This government has shown that it defends private property and gives private property to Venezuelans…(sic)"

But then, her subconscious betrays her as she blurts out:

"The Revolution has been the one that has more deeply extended ownership to the Venezuelan state…"


Poor Yelitza. It’s hard to stick to your talking points about extending private property when, just a day earlier, the government has announced that farmers who receive land from the government cannot sell it. In other words, your property is private, it’s just not fungible.

Oh, and if you use it to produce 80% or less of what the government thinks you should be producing, they’ll declare your plot a latifundio and take it away from you. But, really, it’s yours. 

Sound familiar?

By the way – what happened to the investigation on corruption the Prosecutor’s office opened against Santaella? Looks like she’s back in the good graces of Fat Man in the Palace, so nobody can touch her.

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