52-48. Case Closed.

There has been a bit of confusion among analysts about the real meaning of the September 26th election. While most in the opposition say that 52% of the voters rejected the government – which is a fact – and attribute that 52% to the opposition, others are doubtful you can make that analogy.

Today, Lara governor (and the clear leader of the PPT) Henry Falcón made it perfectly clear:

“The PPT is an opposition party…”

“It would be stupid not to forge alliances with the (opposition umbrella group) MUD…”

“Venezuela’s reality requires a national project led by whomever is chosen to lead it. In light of that, all the factors that recognize the Constitution and believe in democracy have to put a stop to all this. That is why we are proposing alliances. That is why we are evaluating joint candidacies for the mayor’s positions.”

The election Falcón is referring to will take place on December 5th. That is when voters in Guárico and Amazonas, two states where the PPT has a strong presence, will elect their governors. That is also when voters in eleven cities, including Maracaibo, the second largest (and most beautiful) city in the country, will elect their mayors.

It’s clear the PPT is joining the MUD, unless somebody in the MUD screws it up.

But what is crystal clear is that the chavista government is a minority in the country. There’s simply no two ways about it.

The sooner international news organizations learn to frame this new political reality, the better off we will all be.

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