Speaking of Mobsters

Don’t miss the fascinating saga of Rafael Ramos de la Rosa.

Ramos de la Rosa is the head of the CNV task force in charge of the Unovalores case. The CNV is the Venezuelan equivalent of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Unovalores is a former investment bank currently “intervened” by the government. Unovalores has been linked to notorious kleptocrat Ricardo Fernandez Berrueco, although the link itself is sketchy at this point.

Ramos de la Rosa is currently sitting in an American jail, accused of trying to extort – inside American territory – the owner of Unovalores, who is currently living in Florida. The case is notorious because it directly involves the head of the CNV.

The full complaint can be found here, and the transcripts from the wiretaps and e-mails can be found here. They are both in English.

The people heading these task forces are given practically limitless powers, and their salaries are in the order of BsF. 20K per month, an astonishing figure. Yet, not content with that, they extort the owners of the companies they are in charge of auditing.

Anyway, take a look at the documents for the details. I haven’t read it all, but from what I can tell, it’s a fun read! It would be great if you could provide details in the comments section.