A New Start


Alright, the old site simply was too buggy to keep using indefinitely. So we’re going to try blogging using WordPress from now on. The comments platform doesn’t have so many bells and whistles, but the darn thing probably won’t get on your nerves nearly as much. Enjoy!

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  1. What template are you using?
    I switched to WordPress a couple of years ago and am pretty happy with it.
    If you tweak the widgets and work a bit on your columns, I’m sure you can get a layout similar to the one you had before, if that’s what you want.

  2. Good decision FT, having used WordPress and Drupal -your previous system- I can say that if one lack’s technical expertise then WordPress is the way to go. Way more user friendly. Shop around for themes, and CC will be as good as gold.

  3. How many different changes has this been? Over the years there have been quite a few. My prediction is that in six months there will be a different system, and in six months another one. The king is dead, long live the new king.

    It was interesting that the particular bug of comments not being initially posted, causing multiple postings, apparently didn’t appear for some months.

    Whatever the complaints about the recently discarded ratings system- and I had some myself- it got rid of PSF idiots such as “John.”

  4. Welcome back, Quico!

    AS for the old vs. current coments system I guess that either is fine with me.

    I know that some commenters felt like they could be silenced by either remaining anonymous or by getting negative ratings, but since I by default always chose to “see everything” I never missed a beat.

    I do have to say though, that after a while I stopped rating comments per se, I chose to make my feelings known in the text of my own rather than “hide” my opinion behind a rating.

  5. OT but a light moment……………. I read in the news this morning that Chavez hit one million followers on twitter. I read in the news this afternoon that Justin Bieber (this 16 year old wunderkid-youtube-discovered-singer from Canada) hit six million followers on twitter. I know this has nothing to do with anything but I found it kind of cute.


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