6,000 people…?!


That’s the number of people employed by the Alcaldía Metropolitana, Caracas’ Metropolitan Mayor’s Office.

You know, the one that Chávez basically hollowed out. The one that he insists is only a shell and whose only job is to “coordinate” policies with the other municipalities. The one that doesn’t even have a headquarters anymore.

I don’t know about you, but 6,000 people seems like a huge payroll for an office that basically does … what, exactly?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure spending over a year without a salary must be tough.

But can the country continue to support these massive bureaucracies?

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    • OK, but 3000 is easier to explain than 6, no?

      The thing is that even though his actions were curtailed he is not allowed by law to fire anyone who makes less than two or three minimum wage (I forgot the exact amount). As we are all in Venezuela for already 5 years. That you cannot fire about half the work force in Venezuela has caused, of course, that no one is hiring unless absolutely indispensable with a preliminary contract as long as possible. With the effect on loss of real jobs.

      So generalized is the contract practice now that the regime is planning a new work law that will forbid a “trial period”. Currently we hire for about 6 months with a trial period of three months before putting soemone on payroll for good.

      So, we will just have a single contract, without a trial period and at the end we will not put folks in the payroll unless they prove themselves to be very good. Or assume our loss and ask the person to leave paying them the full contract.

      Eventually the regime will catch up on that and contracts will be forbidden, or at least made very difficult so you will have to put on payroll straight from the start. And finally the labor market will go dead and we will all be the Alcaldia Mayor.

  1. Come on, who spends a year working without getting paid? How do they make ends meet? They are living off their life savings? I smell a gato encerrado…

  2. Maybe the other 3000 look over the shoulders of the first 3000 to make sure they are sufficiently rojito.

    “But can the country continue to support these massive bureaucracies?”

    Of course it can (which is not to say it will in this case or any other specific one). Cuba has fatcats, and the country barely has an income any more. Venezuela has oil, and until the energy revolution actually gets somewhere, that’s a ton of money. The government will continue to spend it on what keeps them in power, though what that is will certainly evolve in the next couple years. These workers and others might find themselves without a month’s salary here or there, perhaps their aguinaldo, while being told that if they complain they’ll lose more than “just” a year. (Pixar – I’ll bet many of their jobs entail other income sources, if you know what I mean – which is just another pressure point for them not to complain.)

    Interesting mix of people in those protests (third link in post). Several red shirts who seem right at home with the others. I also note seven stars on the bus, third pic from the bottom.

    • I don’t know… If you don’t get paid for doing something, you stop doing it. You go out and find another job so you can afford to EAT. Call me an ass but most of these people must be doing something else and look at the fact that they are still on a “payroll” (any payroll) as an opportunity to make some extra cash…

    • Exactly what I meant when I spoke of other income sources. When I mentioned workers going without a month’s salary or more, I meant any government worker who is actually getting paid. Could be these folks again someday, I don’t know. I think you and I see this the same way.

  3. This is so screwed up… I cannot even wrap my head around it.

    It might be that the Alcaldia Metropolitana has to be dissolved after all.

    Well, I am counting somehow that this will happen to really noxious “institutions”, particularly those that sport olive green or red uniforms.


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