The Freedom Not to Publish


With the shift back to a Comments Free For All comes a necessary rehash for all the reasons not to have one in the first place.

Here, I hope, comes my last comment on the subject. As somebody smarter than me once noted, the freedom to publish includes the freedom not to publish. It includes the freedom to be selective on the range of views expressed in the medium you host.

This blog has, from the start, sought to provide an outlet for the kinds of considered opinion too often shut out of the polarized mainstream media’s take on Venezuelan public affairs. That’s a mission that can’t be sustained when extremist views are allowed to run off with each and every thread.

Readers interested in the hyper-polarised game will find no lack of outlets for their views. Readers interested in a less inflamatory take have precious few other options.

Caracas Chronicles is not going to play along with the dynamics of breathless polarization. To do so would be to bury this blog alive.

I hope that’s clear. It is, in any case, my last word on the subject.

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  1. In other words, we can’t handle open, uncensored debate around here. We like to control the debate within narrow confines that pretty much eliminates anyone who disagrees with our overall views regarding Chavez and Venezuela.

    Paint it as pretty as you want Quico. It is as clear as day to anyone who values free expression and open debate.

    • I don’t necessarily agree with Quico’s decision, but I also disagree with this characterization. One can have a debate in theory, but when the other side is calling you names and hurling baseless allegations, the intent is simply to quash debate, not to foster it.

    • JC,

      Please do point out where I have called you any names. Don’t even dare me to do the same, as I am the target of endless insults everytime I comment here.

      This excuse is just abaseless cover-up for your discomfort with open debate.

    • The person making the comments chose as a comments alias “MoronsinCaracas.” It seemed clear that the “Morons” are the authors.

  2. Anyone who. after 11 years of complete failure, chaos, waste & corruption, still supports this government is obviously not rational and should not be permitted to expound irrational ideas just to hear themselves speak (or write).

    What ever steps you take to prevent this will have my support.

  3. Seriously now, we have had heated debates here where we disagree among ourselves, but we make an effort to think trough our posts, refrain from useless comments and above all not falling for the noticias24 type of discussions, but when this type of people come here even we fall into the name calling and anger clouds our judgment.
    If there is a rational chavista that can justify what goes on and make sense while trying to do it, I think we would welcome him/her… Since there seems to be none o those or they don’t show up here, I think moderating the comments will help keep the debate alive, the whole point of this blog…

  4. I personally dont mind whenever a Chavista writes menacing nonesense. I think everytime they do it, they confirm my theory that they are just plain dumb.

    They even make me laugh

  5. Chris, your shelf life here probably could have been extended somewhat had you chosen a different moniker, like “MoronInMerida” for example, to use for your latest foray against the authors of and visitors to this blog.
    Regulars here know that if they want your POV or to debate you all they have to do is go to your “ChronicallyClueless” website, which is just another blatant stab at this blog. Maybe the authors will consider adding you to their blogroll just to keep you busy over there where you can lambaste every pixel here to your heart’s content.
    Whether your ban from here is temporary or permanent, kudos to CC for finally drawing a line in the sand and taking action.
    Lastly, Chris, I don’t think for a minute that your ousting is due to your pro-chavista stance. It’s your constant carping and needling, your general demeanor, the suspicion that you’re on the chavista payroll in some way, shape or form, and the appearance that for the most part you come here not so much to defend chavismo but to nitpick and use semantics to try to discredit anyone and everyone who says anything negative about the regime.

  6. Chris is a true believer who’s invested a lot of time, energy and emotion in this failed social experiment. When Bolivarianism ebbs, he’ll move on to the next PSF pet project, perhaps Belarus? You have to remember, it’s a religion for these folks.

  7. A blog owner can do what he or she wishes with his own blog, including eliminating unwanted comments, and that is perfectly fine.

    I personally do not care if people have different opinions from mine.I either engage them or I ignore, this is my choice.I feel free in this sense..

    What I find strange is that some people get so upset because opinions are polarized or because someone disagrees with the majority.

    I never read the comments of psf’s because years ago I saw that it is futile to argue with them because there is no common ground.Straw men are invented and argued against and then have to be uselessly refuted….but it doesn’t upset me in the least to see their comments posted.

    I think if folks don’t like to see their comments they should instead of engaging them, ignore them….they can make that choice.

  8. leave the comments of all. This blog is not overwhelmed with PSF commentary. I think it is intriguing to see. We have the option not to engage. The other thing is that people do change their mind. I used to go to OIL WARS. I may have disagreed on many points but wanted to hear opposing view points. I have incredible respect for OIL WARS. That blog looked at everything and over time recognized the fraud of the revolution and using critical thought actually changed position. Not that everyone will be as honest with themselves or admit maybe they bet on the wrong horse. But including them in the conversation is not going to hurt. WE always have the chance to ignore.

  9. I think we need, as commentators, to moderate our responses, even in the face of outright provocation and innuendo. That Morons in Caracas does this from the nickname up does not mean we should. And occasionally he throws up straw men of a huge profile to shoot down.

    I will try my best NOT to engage in ad-hominem against anyone.


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