Wikileaks is a CIA/Mossad Black-Op to Shut Down Aporrea


…I mean, wasn’t it obvious?

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  1. I can only admire the mental contortionism to come up with that one… Heinz Dieterich should apply for Cirque du Soleil, Nadia Comaneci, move over.

  2. Let me get this straight.

    The confidential opinions and the reports of U.S. diplomats, leaked by Wikileaks, constitute an attack on Venezuela?

    I thought people like Dieterich would loudly dismiss everything contained in them. Even faster than the public communications by said diplomats.

    Then we are in a Revolution, I see, and paranoia is Revolutionary.

  3. Any article that has to explain, through the use of parenthesis, what the word “vector” means “(portador)”, is obviously not speaking to a very studied audience…

  4. It is not certain that Stuxnet was created by america or israel.

    besides it seems somewhat paranoid im afraid.
    go to and use the search function to read some good stuff and comments about wikileaks, both pro and cons.As well as info on Stuxnet.

    Its an alternative topic, conspiracy theories and other topics website ive been using for quite a while now.

  5. The poor dears of the extreme left don’t know where to turn on Wikileaks. On the same page they have the article claiming Wikileaks is CIA/Mossad plot there is a link to Noam Chomsky claiming the leaks show evidence of leader’s disdain for democracy!

    I guess that’s the result of finding out the imperialists aren’t actually plotting against you as much as you thought/said/hoped they were.

  6. “de que un joven soldado homosexual, Bradley Manning,”

    um, why do we need to know that? Why is that even relevant?

    Stay classy, Mr. Dieterich.

    • I agree with you Dieterich is mentioning something irrelevant, but now when you write the word “classy” I expect any reaction will follow :-p

      These extremists are really not very consistent…they never were, but this is just laughable. Sometimes you can find conflicting accusations in the same article about the Wikileaks. So: these blokes say the Wikileaks thing is basically a hoax but also a proof…man, man, man.

  7. What’s behind this Wikileaks business might be somewhat more nuanced than you’re making it out to be. An acquaintance who follows such matters writes the following observations, which I post for your consideration.

    “Several readers have asked me whether I think Assange is ‘real’ or not and I’ve been giving it a good deal of thought. I have a hard time believing that one enlisted man in the US Army could really have access to all of the information purported. So that doesn’t seem right.

    Moreover is he sincere? I think the answer is absolutely Yes! But does that mean that he and WikiLeaks is above manipulation? No, not necessarily.

    That there’s likely some interest group feeding Assange/WikiLeaks information took a huge upward spike when they threatened to trash a big bank next: Is trying to bring down corruption by threatening to bring down the whole global financial system, the kind of thing that a man of conscience does?

    Maybe – but I think it’s at least an equal possibility to be considered that Assange is well-intentioned, but that the interest group that is feeding him information for release, is likely a partisan in a battle whose dimensions are not clearly visible to the public.

    However, if you think about a global struggle between financiers on one side and defenders of this political paradigm (or that), then WikiLeaks becomes an important tool for moving the discussion in the general press to this level, or that, which is how asymmetric info-wars are fought.

    And then comes the logical question: Can we believe that a single source could have compiled the massive “Insurance file” which WikiLeaks is threatening to pop out if there’s any retribution against Assange, et al?

    No, common sense argues this is way beyond the resources of a lone operative in the ‘Stans working with a guy who has enough time to go out and get laid…at least that’s my take on it….look for a state-level player, as I said last week. Not that Assange is complicit…just that he might be being played.”


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