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Vladimir Villegas isn’t pro-Fernando Soto Rojas…but he’s definitely anti-anti-Soto Rojas. It makes for an interesting read.

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  1. Villegas’ corazoncito rojo is betraying him.

    While I’ll agree that criticizing Soto Rojas’ sartorial preferences (a dig I first read in Aporrea, mind you) is pointless blather, I think pointing out that he is a former guerrilla who has no legislative experience – and who was imposed a dedo – is a very valid criticism, as is jumping on his claim that the opposition will be dealt with “a carajazos”.

    “El problema no es Soto Rojas, sino el modelo que se quiere imponer al pais”. I disagree, Vladimir. El problema es que gente como Soto Rojas hace posible la imposicion de ese modelo.

  2. It is possible that Milagros Socorro’s article on Soto Rojas is one of those critics in the mind of Villegas’s call; but Socorro basically agrees with him, her point dwells in the fact that image is very important for the regime. With Soto Rojas the message is clear: “this is the Venezuela we want”.

  3. “I think pointing out that he is a former guerrilla who has no legislative experience – and who was imposed a dedo – is a very valid criticism,”

    Agreed. It’s like Nicolas Maduro the Bus Driver now Foreign Relations Minister. It’s not a dig at the fact that he was a bus driver. As a matter of fact if the man had educated himself and prepared for a career in the diplomatic corps, it would have been an admirable story of starting from the bottom and going to the top. The problem is his position there is purely politics with no merits or experience whatsoever. Then again, a prepared diplomatic officer in the Foreign Ministry would be a waste of talent with Chavez as President so it works out the same either way for the country.

  4. Soto Rojas is indeed the problem.

    The message in putting up such a hateful, bilious old man as President of the AN is clear. That is the Venezuela they want. Revenge and class struggle.

    Leaders, people who set examples and build a society fit to live in have one thing in common. They rise above hate, persecution and revenge, and above any injuries they might have suffered. Villegas names Petkoff and Pompeyo Marquez. He might do well in remembering why they are respected by people that does not agree with them.

  5. Sorry, but I have little patience with the likes of Soto. I wrote about it: I am tired these people, who have blood in their hands keep telling us we are Cuarta República elitist descendants of the Conquistadores.

    Most of those top Chavistas are either former adecos or military or policemen with blood in their hands (as Bernal).

    While Chacín was killing people in the name of the IV Republic my parents and many others were peacefully protesting the corruption of that republic.
    While Chacín was buying a finca for many millions of dollars (El Cristo, among others), a lot of my friends and relatives were “pelando bola” in spite of top qualifications.

    These guys were mocking Rosales because he could not speak and they were right. But so are we if we say the same about Soto. Piss off, as I said earlier, I know people who are illiterate in Venezuela and they can speak better than anyone else, even if they have a different accent and non-standard words. This guy simply sucks big time and he went to university.

    When Soto was shooting at people during a dysfunctional but democratic government, Maria Corina and most other representatives of the MUD were not even born.

    Here we have pseudo-writer Britto García and dandy Chaderton telling us how WE are they represent the African-Americans and native Americans who suffered for so long because of people like US. They can go to…, the idiots. So much bullshit, so much trying to rewrite history and portray themselves as victims. Sorry, but no

    • “Most of those top Chavistas are either former adecos or military or policemen with blood in their hands (as Bernal).

      While Chacín was killing people in the name of the IV Republic…”

      We should do well to remember and remind every Venezuelan of these little facts. We have a government made of military (many ex-coupsters, and many that did collect paychecks during the Caracazo), former apparatchiks and unrepentant, unredeemed ex-guerrillas and ex-terrorists…

  6. I don’t think Milagros Socorro criticized Soto Rojas in the manner Villegas is pointing out. I really think that Socorro shows very well why Soto is there and writes impeccable as always, reflecting the despair that many felt when they saw him talking.
    See the link:

    However, I agree with the main point that we have to let go of the classist language that many times taints the conversations in Caracas, referring to Chavez “mole” as if it really matters or calling him “Mono”, favorite expletive of many. I don’t want Venezuela to become an incredibly boring “politically correct” version of the US, where the form matters most than the intention, but I don’t think that the merits of people should be judged by how they dress.

    But how a politician express himself is important, a deputy should be able to articulate, understand conflicting points of view and blend them to achieve compromise or consensus. That is in a system that works, not in Chavez land for sure.

    A guerrilla operative that gets things done is what we got and that is much more worrisome than his lack of oratory skills.

  7. Villegas translator:

    “Criticar a Fernando Soto Rojas porque el traje no le quedaba bien, o porque su dicción no es la de un orador refinado, o por su origen campesino, o por su condición de ex guerrillero convertido en presidente de un Parlamento sin tener experiencia previa en las lides legislativas es tan lamentable como lo fue su anuncio de que la oposición será tratada a carajazo limpio.”

    Transl: Just because someone in power treats you like an animal doesn’t mean chavistas will give us the right to criticize the way they dress or talk. Criticizing the way a public figure dresses or talks is *just as bad* as said public figure taking away our democracy. It’s equivalent.

    “Soto Rojas es un luchador de los que arriesgaron el pellejo por sus ideas.”

    Transl: He’s a former terrorist.

    “El problema no es Soto Rojas, es el modelo que se quiere imponer en Venezuela, con un tufo a socialismo caudillista.”

    Transl: The problem is not Soto Rojas. The problem is the legislation that he is doing everything he can to impose. The problem is his ideas. The problem is his actions. The problem is his background, and his goals. But it’s not him. It’s definitely not him.

    “Los venezolanos, chavistas o no chavistas, esperan mucho de la Asamblea Nacional, y que su trabajo se traduzca en leyes beneficiosas para la seguridad social, para el fomento del empleo productivo y para el mejoramiento de las condiciones de vida. Los “tatequieto” hay que dárselos a la corrupción, a la inseguridad, a la inflación, a la falta de vivienda, al autoritarismo, a la intolerancia y a la prepotencia con la cual se quiere seguir gobernando el país.”

    Transl: Let’s change the topic. My father, the late Cruz Villegas, was one of these dinosaurs, and if he hadn’t died, he’d be up there, he’d be the old geezer shoving communism down the throat of all of Venezuela’s unsuspecting citizens. Forgive me for getting a little verklempt.


    This article is nothing but an overcooked bunch of oeadipal five-and-dime psychotherapy disguised as analysis. The son defending the dead father by standing up for the old figurehead.

    What a crock of shit.

  8. Hear, hear!

    Juan Cristobal, totally in agreement with you. And Vladimir, by bloviating all this nonsense, just exemplifies the intellectually shallow and self-serving level of what passes for political commentary –forget about debate — in this country.

    And, I’m sorry to say, anyone who thinks this is a quote interesting read unquote is either terminally, myopically absorbed in semantic minutiae or has lost his own political bearings.


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