Introducing Caracas Chronicles en Español


Almost from the moment this blog launched – all the way back in the pre-YouTube internet Paleozoic of 2002 – people have been asking me when I’ll launch a sister site in Spanish. Today, that old dream is a reality.

Caracas Chronicles en Español – now live at – will open up the debate to a whole new audience hungry for serious-but-not-stuffy commentary on Venezuelan affairs.

When you think about it, it really is quite remarkable how few quality blogs – not news aggregators, not compilations of a given commentator’s newspaper columns, but real current affair blogs – there are in Venezuelan cyberspace. Basically, it’s Alejandro Tarre, Sin El Chivo y Sin El MecateEl Discurso del Oeste and…ummmm…that’s kind of it, no?

So, against all the odds, I really think fills a kind of critical void in the Venezuelan web. Hope you enjoy it!

…and yes, if you’re up to doing some volunteer translations – please get in touch!

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  1. Bienvenido sea, but are you calling a quality blog “El Discurso del Oeste” oh my god, if you get grilled for being punk, I don’t know how to define this blog. Maniqueismo del de verdad.

    • Moraima,

      Lo que tiene ese Duque en su bitácora es un sancocho histórico increíble.

      Duque es sencillamente el psicópata promedio que se cree víctima eterna, solo que destaca por escribir con una sintaxis y ortografía mejores que las de la mayoría.

      Según creo recordar, escribía para Crónica Policial. Recuerdo esa Crónica porque cada vez que volvía yo a Valencia desde Caracas, iba a La Hoyada y allí se montaba en el autobús un chico que gritaba los títulos mórbidos de la última edición y trataba de mostrarnos las fotos sangrientas de una Venezuela que no sabía lo que le tocaría sangrar.


    Let me guess, your first choice for domain name was:

    (Psst, I hear “” isn’t taken yet…)

  3. Lo mejorcito de las focas es el blog de Lubrio. El pana trata, de verdad verdad, de encontrarle el sentido al chavismo y explicarle a su audiencia, casi toda chavista, los increíbles avances de la revolución del dictador tapa amarilla.

    El pana del discurso del oeste, para utilizar un término chavista, ese es un disociado.

    • Lubrio always makes me wonder how such an obviously intelligent person can still buy into “21st Century Socialism”.

      I’m not saying no intelligent person can find value in socialist thought, not at all.

      But after 12 years of Chavez, even Marx himself would have given him up as a bad job and started over. As a believer in “anyone but Chavez”, I can understand a leftist believing in “anyone but la cuarta”. But 12 years of mismanagement, corruption, and broken promises should have been enough.

      Obviously intelligence and maturity are not tightly coupled.

    • EA, como dice un pana, ¿es que todavía hay alguien inteligente, que no esté beneficiándose, que apoye el chavismo? Lubrio tiene chamba oficial y todo, creo yo…

      As per socialist thought, that’s kind of an oxymoron, no?

    • He has a cambur? That would explain it, then.

      PS– By “socialist thought” I was thinking of the off-shoots that have resulted in modern European mixed economies, not vanilla (cherry?) socialism.

  4. Sorry but I do not like this kind of experiment. Translating from English to Spanish looses the sense of what the blogger wants to say. Miguel and Daniel have done this and did not catch my attention.

    • Armando,

      I think it is a great idea to open a Spanish blog.

      There are a few bloggers whose English skills are negligible.I don’t mind the badly written comments( I chuck them up to incomprehensible and proceed to ignore them), but I find it highly offensive when some bloggers misunderstand what is said, and then proceed to “cuss” the person out.Unbelievable !! So with this new blog I am hoping that these folks will be self honest and migrate their comments to a more suitable venue.

      I for one feel more comfortable in English because I do not have a Spanish keyboard, and because my English is better than my Spanish.So more than likely, I will comment only rarely on the Spanish blog.

      But I am sure there is an audience that can use and enjoy Caracas Chronicles in Spanish.Maybe it will take awhile for it to attract readers and to catch on….but….

      Good luck to the new blog!

    • It’s not so much the sense as a good translation. You can perfectly well express almost anything but very difficult puns or poems.

      The issue is that it takes time, it’s not just “send it to Google’s Translation Tools”. You need to feel fine with Spanish idioms, syntax and not just general spelling but proper punctuation, something that seems to be Terra Incognita for a lot of native Spanish speakers.

      It is possible to make it as readable as English text, it just takes time, not more than the original writing but definitely not much less.

  5. In informal English ” nutter” is an offensive slang word for a mentally ill person.

    The great differences in self expression are not found in the divide between formal and informal language but rather between clear, precise, and appropriate vs. vague ,exaggerated, and inappropriate

  6. Quico, I cannot pass this comment without a comment

    “few quality blogs – not news aggregators, not compilations of a given commentator’s newspaper columns, but real current affair blogs ”

    you are entitled to your opinion and to patronize the blogs that you like, but I found the remark a bit offensive. I remind you that mine humble blog contains current affairs and opinions, just like yours, and it is IN SPANISH. And it exists since 2005.

    As we say here in Québec, “tu as une facilité pour mettre les deux pieds dans la même bottine”.


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