Introducing Caracas Chronicles en Español

Almost from the moment this blog launched – all the way back in the pre-YouTube internet Paleozoic of 2002 – people have been asking me when I’ll launch a sister site in Spanish. Today, that old dream is a reality.

Caracas Chronicles en Español – now live at – will open up the debate to a whole new audience hungry for serious-but-not-stuffy commentary on Venezuelan affairs.

When you think about it, it really is quite remarkable how few quality blogs – not news aggregators, not compilations of a given commentator’s newspaper columns, but real current affair blogs – there are in Venezuelan cyberspace. Basically, it’s Alejandro Tarre, Sin El Chivo y Sin El MecateEl Discurso del Oeste and…ummmm…that’s kind of it, no?

So, against all the odds, I really think fills a kind of critical void in the Venezuelan web. Hope you enjoy it!

…and yes, if you’re up to doing some volunteer translations – please get in touch!