Teodoro Floats a Primary Date: October 15, 2011


We should be so lucky. (Guy says a document setting out detailed rules and regulations for a primary are in the process of being drafted, which sounds like excellent news to me.)

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  1. I love to see you guys got the sharing buttons! Teodoro also supports an unique place in the ballot, that would be great! I didn’t know some people were proposing a second round. He throw one directly a Salas and his proposal of July next year, jejeje.
    I have to say I am fan of Teodoro.

  2. A bit early isn’t it? Granted maybe July 2012 is a bit late, but October 2011? What if viable candidates are slow to emerge…

    Chavez always campaigns, but the most effective campaigning comes closer to the elections themselves.

    • If you do it in december, you really are starting in January because with very few exceptions, no one is paying attention to politics during the holidays. I think the sooner the better, because if they come up with a crazy “inhabilitacion” then you have time to get the substitute in place.


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