Over in Spanish


Alejandro Tarre has a go at the desbandada from Mubarak’s ranks.

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    • thanks! Yesterday we were up 50% on the Spanish side…though only to 300-some-odd. I think it’ll take time, perseverance, and a lot of hard-work to build those numbers. Took me years to get to 1600 a day in English…

  1. …All 3 of my Facebook friends completely ignored my call to visit the Spanish ersatz…
    Girls in bikinis, girls in bikinis; when will you learn???

  2. Thanks everyone. I think a big part of it is time. Audiences build slowly. Perseverance is the name of the game.

    I’ve been trying to convince Juan to start thinking of the Spanish site as the main site, and to think of this one as secondary. That means writing in Spanish more, trying to make sure posts hit on that side first.

    At the moment, it’s hard to get motivated to do that since all the readers are on this side.

    But I bet if we did that for a week or two, people would start to shift.


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