Juan Goes Off


Over in Spanish, Cesar Pérez Vivas sets Juan off…

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  1. Wow, awful post, so is everyone other than Capriles Radonski a lepper in this blog? -CPV has every right to run, will he win? No! But he has every right to aspire, specially in primaries.

    Strange things sometimes happen in our short memory infested country, like Ledezma winning the Alcaldía Mayor, the same Ledezma who was chastised for even running, the same Ledezma who is one of the most popular opposition figures presently, after being a ghost for over a decade.

    All due respect JC, but your Yellow and Black blood is a little bit too apparent sometimes…

    • I sort of agree that he doesn’t really hide it too well, though I like that Juan wears his partisanship on his sleeve.

      I think he should’ve been more explicit. The problem with Pérez Vivas is NOT that he’s not yellow-and-black. The problem with Pérez Vivas is that instead of using his campaign launch to demonstrate his seriousness of purpose and his viability as a national leader, he winged it with a lame joke.

      Honestly, it’s hard to take seriously the claims to leadership of someone who’s THAT flippant about something as transcendant as this. I mean c’mon, Gandhi walking down to the beach to make salt he is not…

  2. yeah, “lame”. that’s the word I was thinking… and I’m not thinking about JPV

    Alot’s going on.. in Venezuela, outside of Venezuela but includes Venezuela, outside but could have HUGE impacts on Venezuela.. and someone filing a year early is news?


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