New media is all you need

Last Sunday, Setty informed us that an important pipeline carrying natural gas from Colombia to Venezuela was bombed, possibly by the FARC. He said:

“It’s a big deal for Venezuelan electricity consumers, who have come to depend on natural-gas-fired power plants. And it’s important for the chemicals industry of the Maracaibo region, as petrochemicals are made in large part from natural gas.”

Yesterday, the Caracas Metro lost power, and several Andean states in Western Venezuela “unexpectedly” went dark as well.

Venezuela’s Vice-president then announced that these “rolling blackouts” were caused by the Termozulia generation plant going out of operation. The way he spinned it, they are “changing” the plant from natural gas to gas-oil (diesel?) because of “problems” with the supply of natural gas from Colombia.

And today, we hear the “rolling blackouts” will reach Caracas.

Of course, none of this is a surprise to anyone who reads excellent blogs like Setty’s, who is deservedly taking a victory lap. But good luck finding any of this information or analysis in Venezuela’s lamestream media.

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