Carlos Escarrá: Human Rights Hero


You. Cannot. Make this shit up.

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  1. These are the kind of antics that make you want to throw in the towel and say to hell with this country governed by a bunch of clowns and wait until the ship sinks to see if there is anything to salvage. Pal’ carajo con estos pendejos!

  2. Judge Afiuni in jail for perpetrating Habeas Corpus? Mehhhh…

    Take my shoes off? TAKE MY SHOES OFF??!?!!??!


    • Well, the Interamerican chapter of the Tokyo agreement on Human Rights And Other Random Shit does specifically mention the inalienable right to wear shoes. Except when you enter a Japanese home, of course, but that one’s a given.

  3. this just shows the level of superiority complex these people have.
    I want to know the kind of treatment he gets in Venezuelan airports.
    And yes Chiguire, to hell with this shitty backwards country

  4. Something tells me the guy did it on purpose. He’s just one major A-Hole!

    (Excuse my language but he doesn’t deserve a lesser insult).

  5. In the site of the German embassy in Venezuela you can read, among other things, how the “authorities” from the airport get people screened through normal X rays without any protection, etc.

    • If you’s are interested, here you have the link to the page from the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs about tips to enjoy our wonderful Tierra de Gracia:

      Among other things: warning about the luggage that gets pierced, about the X-rays and the lack of adecuate protection when this is carried out, about “controls going beyond what is internationally the norm”

      They also tell about how many times foreigners get robbed by military and cops in alcabalas and much more.

      We know all this, but it is very telling even an official site of the German government has to warn about this.

      I am a Venezuelan citizen. The last time I arrived in Venezuela and a guy from Immigration looked at my passport he said: “ah, tú eres uno de esos vividores de … que se la pasa gozando fuera del país”. It was not like I had expensive clothes or something like that. It was just that my passport showed I was living abroad. He certainly knew: as a Venezuelan not belonging to a diplomatic body living in a country that is not pro-Chávez, I am one of those who do not vote for Chávez*

      Arturo, where art thou? Oh, gone…

      *not that the CNE counts our votes abroad…it hasn’t done it after 2006, in spite of us getting the actas at the embassies…they want to discourage Venezuelans abroad from voting. But this is another topic

  6. You cannot make this shit up BUT you all know that the treatment of passengers in most US airports is abominable. I hope Escarrá did do this on purose to bring this mistreatment to public attention.

    How can you people support the creeps of Border and Homelamd security with their Nazi methods. Think before you type.

    Uh, ah, gracias Escarrá!

    • At every airport in the world we all get treated like cattle and suspicious cattle at that. It goes with the turf bro. My opinion is that if you can’t handle it take a boat or walk or just don’t go to damned empire or wherever you’re going. The same happens in Cuba too.

      Maiquetia certainly isn’t one of the better of the bad lot. The Venezuelan authorities make us take off our shoes, belts, hats whatever les de la gana from their high horse. They’ll also happy menace with stupid questions and attitudes to boot.

      I think what most upset Escarrá is that he’s getting treated in the same way as the rest of us, like common chusma which he is now above. Either that or they’re just distracting again while continuing to create the Chavez Youth Brigade laws. bah what an ass.

    • I get worse treatment in Maiquetía… And yes, I do travel a lot.

      I once got taken out of the plane TWICE to open the SAME bag below the terminal; and of course they treated me like shit, our “good friends” in olive and red… The same ones who have an air of superiority because they have badges, just like good ol´ Java the Hut (Escarra, of course).

      Good thing their badges don´t work overseas, let´s see how they deal with this when this nightmarish government is over.

  7. One time upon arrival to Venezuela I had my luggage searched. I was coming for business meetings and had brought several ties with me. The official thought I had too many ties and had to declare them and pay taxes or they would be confiscated. I remember I had a pair of scissors in the suitcase so I cut the ties in half and gave them to the guy. He just stared at me and let me go through. Even though I had to buy new ties, I really enjoyed the moment.

  8. Captain Kane – your comment proves that you don’t travel much. Go to Hong Kong or Beijing and you don’t get the shit you do in the US.

    This situation has FA to do with anything going on here. What an obsessed person you are. Can’t you write a comment withut mentioning Chavez. Very, very sad…..

    • And you still haven’t said a word about the shitty treatment in Venezuelan airports.

      Hell, let’s talk about human rights in the Venezuelan jails.

    • Been to Hong Kong and Beijing many times. Same shit as any other large airports in the world. Basically all security officers work under high levels of stress. They work long hours, usually standing, with very few breaks, and they need to apply the procedures by the book with no flexibility allowed. As we say in Venezuela, they are permanently “ostinaos”. As for Escarra, the poor guy is a disgrace. No disrespect, but he looks and acts like a mentally retarded person. Alright…a little bit of disrespect.

    • Sorry I’m not well travelled enough for your standards. 🙂
      If only we were all so fortunate.

      And can you point out where I mentioned Chavez exactly? Did I write a cypher without realising it? I thought I wrote about Airports, then Maiquetia, then Escarrá.

      Ahh, well played, there it is! In the Chavez Youth Brigades quip which isn’t actually about Chavez but child brainwashing. My bad for the allusion I was trying to make. From here on in I shall only post in Esperanto to avoid future embarrassment in wordplay.

      I’ll try to sum up my POV succinctly; I don’t believe Escarrá has ground to criticise when anyone going to his revolutionary country will experience the same if not worse.

      Is that OK? please point out the errors in my thinking if you feel need be 🙂

  9. Unfortunately, I have to sympathize with Escarra. As a victim of totally ineffective, arbitrary, humiliating “security” procedures that will stop no terrorist, ever. I have to stand by his refusal to submit to such a load of crap by morons with a badge, if I want to have a chance at travelling with some dignity.

    And about taking a boat or car, well, I would consider it. And being at it, I would also support private airports, if there be any.

    These are the things that threaten to destroy, piecemeal, whatever conquests were made in the field of individual rights or privacy in the last 200 years, and then go back some towards the worst of XXth. century totalitarianism.

    Nonetheless. A champion of human rights? Our very own Squealer, who twists the truth and the law both? Hell no! He stands up for doing much, much, much worse to Venezuelans. A related example, Venezuelan travellers have to put up with the humiliation cum VERY demeaning gift of CADIVI dollars to get something people outside (and inside) Venezuela consider valuable for their very own worthless Bolivares Fuertes. I suppose Carlitos Escarra has it far easier, being part of our Red Royalty. To start with, he gets to spend tax and oil revenue money.

    It’s humorous, that he of all people claim for their human rights and dignity! But that does not make the violations right.

  10. I think the reason that he didn’t want to take off his shoes was that he is too fat to reach down & put them back on again. He probably needs help to get past that huge stomach of his & didn’t want to be embarrassed by it.

    Arturo you are such an idiot.

  11. Well we owe these treatments in every airport because of extremists and terrorists. There is no war on terror,yet there is plenty of terrorism to go around.
    So either toy get your freedom and blame everyone when some bad shit happens.
    Or give up your freedom to be secure.

    Ben Franklin was right.

    BUT,when you go to America and act like that shit don’t happen anywhere but there.And also, as any chavista, they go with the cynical,aggresive and “predispuesto” mentality to go and cause trouble for any american authority.

    See,the problem is that to Chavismo(communists),America is seen as just a great blob,a mass of evil with no shape,form or face. They have been taught this for ages. They forget that america is a country,with people, working people, students, homeless, corrupt,clean,drug addicts,teachers,dirty,doctors,scientists, journalists ,lawyers et cetera. Just like Venezuela,and China, and Russia,and Vietnam and South Korea and North Korea. A lot of minds have been washed. I blame the cold war.
    It’s not just a Chavismo problems It’s the same old commies vs capitalism.
    It’s fear,it’s ignorance and it’s stupidity.

    • “blame everyone when some bad shit happens.”

      I will risk some bad shit happening to me rather than submitting to fear…

      Franklin said: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”

      I agree. Cowardice deserves nothing. At all. Not even what it was supposed to “protect”.


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