Embracing the challenge

Some of our readers have expressed concern about our 100-post challenge.

Why, you ask, should we privilege quantity over quality? What’s the point in doing it now, given how there’s not much going on? Why let the conversations in the comments section be diluted by the presence of constant posts?

Well, the answer is because we simply need it.

Both Quico and I have had a few rough weeks, what with deadlines, moves, and family situations. We feel like our focus has been somewhere else, like we’ve lost our blogging mojo, if you will. This is a way of getting back into the groove of blogging.

In the coming months, the operations at Caracas Chronicles (and at Crónicas de Caracas) are going to undergo some big changes. We’re not ready to give details yet because … well we don’t have them. What we do know is that we’re going to be increasing both the amount and type of content. This challenge is a way of experimenting.

And then there is the final reason, which is that we do it because we like it. We hope you do, too.

Post #1, just gettin’ warmed up. Yes, a post or five about Perú are coming…

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