Not the pop singer

Our Defense Minister is some General called Carlos Mata. No, not the ’80s galán. This one is a scary motherfucker.

Check out this interview. The money quote:

“One of our greatest strength [sic], in the new military doctrine, would be, depending on the invader… it would be the prolongued popular war. Our militia would play a very important role there. But in a regular war, the Armed Forces are the ones leading the way. The militia doesn’t have weapons. We have the weapons, not the militia.”

In other words – the militia doesn’t have guns. We have them. And we’ll give it to them if someone unacceptable takes power, someone our Comandante deems to be representing the Empire.

But the General has a sense of humor, such as when he says that when the military cries “Fatherland, Socialism, or death,” it’s not being politicized. No, that’s just an expression of “love for country.”


#15 … the Venezuelan military is always a barrel of laughs.