Taking spinning to a whole new level

Chavistas love to wallow in their magical April 11th mythology, and over at the Spanish site we’ve highlighted a few of the headlines from the past few days. But the interview former Interior Minister Ramón Rodríguez Chacín gave on Aporrea is out of this world.

There are many fantastical passages in this tale, but this one took the cake:

As Minister of Interior, I started an investigation [into my detention] on April 15th, but I could only find a prosecutor on April 22nd, because all the prosecutors were either scared or in hiding and Prosecutor General Julián Isaías Rodríguez couldn’t find anyone willing to take my case.

On the other hand, when I handed over the Ministry in June, I looked for legal advice so that I could sue coup-mongers Capriles Radonsky, Leopoldo López, and Mónica Fernández, but it was difficult to continue with the lawsuit because of the fear and the complicity of prosecutors and judges.

Judges and prosecutors afraid and unwilling to acquiesce to chavismo’s big guns. Makes perfect sense.

#35 … chavista tall tales make my job so much easier.

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