The $9 billion question


So, if we’re now using technology to make sure gasoline isn’t sold across the border … why can’t we use it to make sure we only subsidize gas for people who really need it?

Just askin’…

(HT: Kepler)

#28 … asking obvious questions makes my head hurt.

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  1. “#28 … asking obvious questions makes my head hurt”

    Or is it simply the fact that obvious questions are nonetheless unasked? That does it for me, at least after I bang my head against the wall for a while.

  2. Or, if Venezuela can afford to spend a big chunk of its GDP to give away gasoline to the rich, why can’t it find money to clean up that gasoline so it doesn’t poison the people and environment.

    here’s a ranking of sulphur content in various countries. Venezuela comes in 99th, second to last, way behind wealthy, progressive nations such as Turkmenistan and Ivory Coast.

  3. Technology? Economics? Maybe…

    It’s a question of having the courage, the raw guts to break the news to Venezuelans free gasoline.

    Venezuelans, you might recall, believe they deserve free gasoline and dirt cheap bus fare with the same ardor that Hugo Chavez and followers believe he should be President for Life. And would easily resort to violence for those motives. It has happened.


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