AD should be expelled from the MUD (Updated)

The allegations contained in Wikileaks are damning for AD and its leaders.

Even though the cables are old (2005-2006?), the stuff they contain suggests that Acción Democrática has become a national embarassment, a party so content in its own faded glory, so ill-equiped to handle the challenges of a new Venezuela, and yes, so treasonous as to go ask for money at the US Embassy, it simply cannot be tolerated inside the opposition movement.

If you think I’m over-reacting, read this cable in its entirety and convince me that, yes, these are people worth having at the table. Go ahead and try.

There is simply no way that the MUD can escape these revelations unscathed. There is no way that AD’s leadership can argue these were the actions of its rogue leadership. This, quite simply, is unacceptable. It represent a real threat to our chances in 2012.

If the MUD has any dignity left, it will expel AD from its ranks. Any decision in which AD has played a role recently must be revised in light of this.

Asking – make that begging – the US Embassy for cash is traición a la patria.

Update Henry Ramos responds, saying “we are the victims here” and pointing fingers. What a douchebag.

#46 … and so the 100 post challenge ends. Toro withdraws due to illness. Game, set and match. We will return to our regular posting schedule tomorrow, and pick this up some other day. It was fun, but I simply can’t do it by myself, least of all in two blogs. Thanks for following us! Our readership went through the roof this week. We appreciate it.

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