We interrupt our 100 post challenge…


Wow… so I just found out Quico is in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer! I don’t know the details, but I spoke to his wife and he’s apparently fine, just really bored and with no access to phones or the Internet. The Canadian Death Panel handling his case said it would be at least another day before he’s let go.

Anyway, I’m sharing because I don’t know if I can meet the goal all by myself. What do we do? ¿Seguimos? ¿Paramos?

#45 … at Khumbu Glacier, and thinking of turning back.

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  1. I think that you don’t need to keep the posting the same way. Health first.
    And much more important is that you keep on blogging afterwards!


    • I blame Wikileaks! Poor Quico couldn´t stand the fact that Eva Golilla was right and there are indeed some opositores apátridas y pitiyanquis. It´s a tough blow…

      And what the hell, you’re half the way! Keep going!

      Best wishes for Quico…

  2. Ease up. One in the hospital is too many. If you were being paid $200/hour for this, you might consider finishing it yourself. Given the financial recompense you get from this blog, no vale la pena.

  3. JC, I am sorry I have not been able to help at all, this new job is crazier that I though, cool but crazy.
    Tell Quico to take care and I don’t think we want both of you in the hospital, slow down, if I can hardly keep up with reading the posts no idea how you are doing the writing.

  4. First off, here’s hoping that Quico gets better soon!

    As for continuing, what do you think, JC, that Quico would decide if he were in your shoes? Do you think he’d feel he missed the fun (well, figuratively) and wanted to pause or that he’d prefer you and us soldier on against all furies “aunque la naturaleza se nos oponga?”

    Any way I can help, just say the word.

  5. How about we get a minute-by-minute description of what “socialized” medicine looks like? All we need is to get him access to a smart phone!

  6. You didn’t say the five days had to be consecutive! I say put it on hold for a few days, pick it up when Quico is back, or else a do over works too.

  7. Make it 100 until Sunday. I can keep helping.

    And, see, his ulcer started bleeding because Barboza and Ramos… These guys can do it!

  8. My best to Quico. Hope all goes well. Here’s a post suggestion: On “The Good Wife” tv show there was an episode that included chavez!

    “Now before I go, a few words on the “case-of-the-week,” which even for “The Good Wife,” was extraordinarily over-the-top. Lockhart/Gardner is representing the owner of Latin Star, a drilling company suing Platico Stillman, a giant oil conglomerate. Platico Stillman pulled out of Venezuela after President Hugo Chavez’s rise to power, skipping out on money owed to Latin Star. Thus ensued an absurd series of twists and turns involving complex international law, a few justifiably aggrieved oil workers, a “geophysical surveying map of the untapped oil reserves in the Orinoco Belt” and, oh yeah, Courtney Love.

    “Former presidential candidate and “Law & Order” star Fred Thompson made a very meta guest appearance as Frank Thomas, a lawyer and former television star representing Chavez. The role was doubly ironic given that Thompson, a Republican, played a character representing a socialist. He shows up at the offices of Lockhart/Gardner and, like a villain out of an Ayn Rand novel, gleefully declares, “Your client’s oil facility has just been nationalized.”

    “The whole story strained credulity to such an extent that it was almost, if not quite, farcical. I’m sure the writers were aiming for some level of satire, especially in the scenes with Chavez — or rather, Chavez’s torso. (Side note: Crazy dictators are all the rage these days.) Adding to the cartoonish feel was the busty, Monica Bellucci lookalike representing Platico Stillman, and the fact that Will and Diane make not one but two visits to the courthouse in a single day (Cook County, apparently, has some very efficient courts). “”

    [ http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/showtracker/2011/04/the-good-wife-recap-alicia-and-the-terrible-no-good-horrible-very-bad-day.html ]

  9. STOP THE INSANITY. STOP THE PRESSES STRESSES. My recommendation to you and Quico, when he gets better, is to get up off your behinds, force yourselves to do more walking and to eat sensibly. Oh, and breathe deeply, every now and again. You don’t want to end up like Barreto, and worse.

  10. Take care! A bleeding ulcer is no laughing matter.

    Then Quico, report about your experience.

    And do not let anything you see here in Venezuela get to you (if that had anything to do with the ulcer). (Most) Venezuelans have called this nightmarish era upon themselves. Quico and Juan Cristobal, you are not among them.

    As for going on, it depends, Juan, if you feel like it.

    • I do feel like it, but I can’t do it. I don’t have enough hours in the day. Sorry guys, we’ll do it again some other time.

  11. Hope Quico gets well soon. As for the 100 post challenge, I prefer quality over quantity. If you feel you have to rush through, better to slow down than to risk mistakes or duds… or worse, another ulcer at CC!

  12. I have trouble finding the time to read so many posts.The time for that might come again- I mean there is a time for everything I suppose- but maybe this just wasn’t the moment.

  13. Quico get well soon!
    I have some pointers for you on handling the ulcer.

    Definitely you two need to slow down. You’re not that young anymore and stress is a killer. Consider this your wake up call.

    Besides, what’s the point of blogging to the point of exhaustion? We like your pondered well thought out posts, these are fun but we can’t read that much anyway. It’s overload for you and for us.
    Don’t try to be someone else.


  14. Hi everyone, I’m Kanako, Quico’s wife.
    As Juan wrote, Quico had a gastric ulcer and seemed to have bled in the stomach. He had it treated already and the bleeding stopped. At least he seems fine and doesn’t have any pain, even if he feels very tired and weak because he lost a lot of blood.
    For a few days, he has to stay at the hospital because he can’t eat nor drink, but he is definitely getting better.
    And thank you very much for your messages to Quico. I’ll tell that to him.

  15. Get better first… even if there’s boredome at the hospital that is.. whether he likes it or not needed rest time… El cuerpo sabe lo que pide… so good recovery to quico… and as for the challenge.. do your best JC i doubt we can be let down and if its not the friday deadline do sunday, we’ll keep following. 🙂

  16. Hate to sy this, but a little blood was good for him!, otherwise the wise Canadian health system might have turned him back home stating a mild indigestion. I am scheduled to see a respirologist on April 19th, 2 months after the appointment was made,and 4 month after the cough I had took me to my family doctor seeking a specialist.

    Their stats must be really good, you are eitehr dead or cured by the time you get to see the specialist!

    On the other hand, emergency medicine is the best of the world.

    Good Luck Francisco, hope you recover well.

    LuisF from Alberta.

    • It’s called evolution.
      It’s strange why in Canada it takes so long. Here I don’t have to wait much. Taxes are higher, though…and there is a big differnce between the Dutch and the French part


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