Maria Alejandra López reappears!

The bipolar rodent has a hilarious interview with Maria Alejandra López, our favorite (fictional) rabid anti-chavista doñita.

The money quote:

How do you see Chávez for 2012? Does he stand a chance?

Ms. López: Never! The Miraflores primate’s days are counted. Besides, the last poll I saw from Kelly & Sunovio gave Chávez 15% approval. And you see that on the street, in my neighborhood there is not a single chavista animal! Well, except for the Cuban guy on the 10th floor, the building super, and another infiltrated loser that I sometimes see wearing a red shirt, I’ve got my eyes on him. When you go to a restaurant, to Excelsior, I never see a chavista. So where are they? Somebody tell me.

The day the Chigüire starts writing in English, we all go out of business.

#42 … we’re not worthy!