Hugo & the Bunnymen

My first reaction, seeing this somewhat macabre Easter-week Chart of the Day in The Economist, is that it has to be a mistake:

Really? Venezuela is like a world power in bunny-meat production?! And most of it is consumed internally?

Maybe I’m just as out of touch as y’all think I am, but…really?! Where is all this ravenous rabbit-eating taking place?

This amounts to 17 kg. of rabbit meat per person per year. To put it in perspective, in 2008 the consumption of beef was 22 kg. per person. Pork? 5 kg. per person.

So here are our Top Five Theories about how this hare-brained notion could imaginably be true:

  1. The bulk of rabbit deaths occur in “enfrentamientos de bandas.”
  2. The rabbits are hiding underground mientras se va el loco.
  3. Latest fad in chavista high circles: rabbit meat and caviar, washed down with 48-year old Scotch.
  4. Rabbits are starving because of the scarcity of carrots.
  5. The Economist thinks chigüires are rabbits.

I mean, seriously, the only time I’ve had rabbit in Venezuela is when I ordered lapa in a swank Caracas restaurant, and got Bugs instead. The bastards …

Somebody at MinPoPoAgricultura is having fun with the gringos from The Economist, because that number simply can’t be right. Either that or you people are all eating rabbit, thinking you’re buying beef.