The Evolution of Chavista Propaganda


Ten years ago, the storefront to chavismo’s premiere propaganda outlet in North America looked like this:

VIO HQ, Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.

Today, it looks like this:

Foundation for Democratic Advancement HQ, 728 Northmount Dr. NW, Calgary

Actually, it’s a P.O. Box in there, not the Pharmacy itself.

And then they wonder why we say their ideology is stuck in the Cambrian.

[Hat tip (and eternal gratitude for the pics): BB.]

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  1. so the setting for videos of Stephen Garvey, likely Aurangzeb Qureshi (Research Ass’t and PR specialist), and his mostly silent female volunteers (yes, the FDA puts out quite a few ads in order to solicit volunteers) must take place in a bookcase-lined room, either at a public library (rental fee applies), college, or university.

    If the FDA has indeed assumed the reins of the former VIO, and I find that to be a stretch, then FDA has taken media massage to a new level.

    For imagine boosting your client’s profile by oblique means. I’m referring to the (a) focus on a micro aspect of your client, in this case, its electoral system, against that of multiple countries; (b) creation of optimal results for your client by using a sketchy and non-transparent methodology; and (c) send out of (no-cost) press releases to the media to publicize the results of your “research”.. Voilà, mission accomplished; client’s profile boosted.

    Any monies received by the FDA would appear to go towards mailbox and room rentals, perhaps some travel and clothing allowance, the latter for Stephen Garvey.

    • Run, don’t walk, to VIO’s Chavista Bullshit Firesale!

      All your Chavista Bullshit at 25% off!!!

      This offer won’t last long so act now!

  2. Excellent expose FT, and BB, in exposing Garvey and his fake joint. NAOR and Eva Golinger would surely be proud.

    However, being my particular fastidious self, the current HQ of chavista propaganda in North America is to be found at 1611 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20009, just above Ann Taylor’s Loft…

    • Boyd, has abscence of paymaster Bernardo Alvarez impacted VIO and other propaganda-disinfo efforts? Do we know who took over BA reigns? Eva got herself the RT gig which looks like a good move on her part. I do wonder about EG aka Tokyo Rose is she the new face of the FSB?

      • VIO has been assimilated by CEPR. Bernardo used Weisbrot (who seems to remain as the only one deranged enough to continue apologising chavismo) for nearly all interactions with press, congress, etc. Underlings are in charge now, but communications come straight out of CEPR, without having registered with FARA. I believe payments are made using proxies or deposited in non US places, they don’t want me, or anybody else, doing to them what we did with VIO, Golinger, Wilpert, etc.

        Eva is irrelevant. I don’t see FSB seeing any value on her. Nothing of interest for Russia there.

  3. Still, it IS very effective. You read in every article about Venezuela whether it is the Economist or the Guardian that Chavez reduced poverty AND unemployment. What was that Deng said about a cat?

  4. Nearly all articles, these days, also refer to Chavez as former paratrooper, leader of coup d’etat, caudillo, dictator, enemy of private property and freedom of expression, power hungry, oppressor of dissenters… Not a very effective propaganda campaign then.

  5. This is all well and good…chavez is bad…the country is a mess….blah blah blah

    Llegamos a semi-final!!!!!

  6. Priceless indeed. Someone needs to do a man on the street interview, Mike Wallace-style, and ask him about Tascon or the enabling laws. He’s probably busy tonight “auditing” Syria’s excellent electoral system.

    • Dear Stephen,

      I just loved your praise of Venezuela’s electoral superiority (over that of Canada’s and so many other countries). In so doing, you used this argument:

      In Venezuela, there are specific laws on the impartiality of the mass media: “Article 79, Organic Law No.6. The media, public or private and independent producers can not make on their own any type of propaganda aimed at supporting a candidate or a candidate, or to encourage or discourage voting or vote constituencies for or against any of the nominations.”

      Do you think you’ll ever want to delve deeper, perhaps to challenge your assumptions? After all, the specific electoral laws in Venezuela that you praise could actually have inconsistencies in them, or be misapplied. It’s true!

      I realize you have no law degree to add to your versatile academic credentials.Then again, how difficult can it be? I mean, if I can sniff between the lines contained in the Venezuelan constitution –and I can see that the words don’t match the realities, then I’m quite sure you’d be able to do the same. Unless prying doesn’t serve your mission, or allow for the channeling of funds from third parties.

      But I digress. You also say, while chastising the Canadian electoral system …

      …the majority of Canadian MPs have the self-appointed power to change the Canadian federal electoral laws and regulations. For example, the Conservative Party is planning to eliminate party subsidies. The only checks on the majority of MPs’ legislative powers are through the Canadian Supreme Court by upholding the Canadian Constitution and public vote every four years.

      And you say
      …the current Canadian electoral finance laws favour significantly political parties successful in the previous election and larger, wealthier parties. These laws are severely disadvantageous to small and new political parties and promote a political status quo, rather than help create an equal playing field for registered political parties. .

      Here’s a novelty, Stephen: Have you ever compared those two points to what happens in Venezuela? If not, why not?

      You do like to check on things, don’t you? Surely it’s not just verbal patter from you, when you say in your videotaped work sessions, that you wil look into xyz!

      Speaking of which, did you ever check on where the USD 18 million was coming from, to fund Argentina’s political parties? That’s what you commented to your FDA colleague in a videotaped work session on Argentina. But I don’t know how serious you might have been about that quest. If you’re ever really curious, let me know. I might just have an answer. And it’s not what you think or have been told!

      In sum, Stephen, allow me to share with you a little mantra of my own: A little bit of knowledge is a bad thing.

      I hope someday, you’ll want to dig deeper, and you’ll be able to fully compare two countries on multiple levels, using cases in point as back up. That action alone would go a long way to enhance the FDA’s credibility across a much broader spectrum.

      Food for thought.

      Best wishes,


      • Syd,

        “Pearls before the swine.” Your kind consideration and patience with this idiot was probably spent for naught.

        • you’re right. I thought by using a little diplomacy, I might gain some answers as to why Garvey cherry picks his arguments to validate his sketchy claims. Evidently I was being delusional.
          P.S. Thank you for that proverb and explanation. I always had a little trouble making sense of English proverbs, when I first came across them in grade school.

          • Well, you are very welcome. Like a lot of proverbs in English, this one is a biblical reference:

            Pearls before swine refers to a quotation from Matthew 7:6 in the discourse on holiness, a section of Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount, implying that things (such as pearls) should not be put in front of people (or in this case, swine) who do not appreciate their value.

            It is a shame that we can’t engage these people in a real debate, like you were trying to do. That would be good fun!

  7. There is an area of Calgary named “Cambrian” (Cambrian Heights) that has the usual street names for Calgary named similarly. I guess the perception is that the Cambrian era had quite a bit to do with the mineral wealth of western Canada and well, all the good names were already taken!

    The point of course is the evolution of chavista. Perhaps telling too, is that this is very close to the University of Calgary.

      • Come now, amieres, he knows the works of Noam Chomsky well enough have previously recommended them. However, given Chomsky’s recent statements on Chavez, Chavez may not be so willing to recommend Chomsky any more. Not to mention Hugo’s also having recommended Galeano’s Broken Veins. Or did Eva simply slip him those names? Perhaps his point of view is that he will read when he is at a loss for words. 🙂

        • And don’t forget “El oraculo del guerrero”. I know he reads books, the worst kind, but he reads them and likes to quote them in his rants. But in the video he’s pretending not to be paying attention to Marquina’s words he might as well be covering his ears and yelling LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH!

  8. For me is the faces of ninhito reganhado, that every one has whenever their face pops up on camera.
    They do not know how to react, no one has prep them on this.
    Agreed, Chavez, el mas descarado se puso a leer un material escrito, so much for hte respect of the “majestad dle Poder Legislativo…”
    Half of the faces I do not even recognize, nuevo gabinete eh? ademas caras muy jovenes.


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