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Less than 48 hours after Chávez took off for Cuba leaving him half a presidency and Jaua is already starting to crack:

Drunk? Clueless? You be the judge…

[Hat tip: KLQ]

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  1. It seems to me that it’s just the standard speech confusion that comes from listening to your own voice with a delay.

    • Does Jaua have a natural stutter? Is this the first time he speaks into a mike? Don’t think so on both counts. Therefore, there’s no excuse for welcoming the likes of ‘la repúblicoahh domiininicana’ or for saying ‘les damos la más co-cordial bienvemenida’.

      • Doesn’t have to be the first time. If he is still talking while the sound starts playing back, it’s almost impossible not to stumble in exactly the way he does. It’s for this very reason that politicians all start sounding the same way; they evolve a speech that is spoken in spurts that allows for the playback delays. Jaua just isn’t doing it correctly, so the playback confuses him. In fact, he shouldn’t even realize how badly confused he’s sounding, until after the fact, which probably makes him listen even more to the playback on the next spurt. It’s a natural mental spaghetti alluded to in the movie the King’s Speech.

      • I will acknowledge his very last stumble “cuarta edicion de estos juegos del alba” make me think, drunk. A bit of both, maybe?

    • The delay for sure can contribute to that sort of stumble, and coupled with an uninspired, uninspiring speech maker: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. I swear he looks like a guy i seen working in a bodega here in new york city! But that guy was a dominican of course!! LOL!!!


    I’ve said this before, but two things come to mind when I see Jaua:

    1. The Galactic Revolution without Chavez is nothing. The whole thing is built on the simpathy a group of Venezuelans have for the big guy… everyone else falls squarely in the “Bate quebrao” camp and will loose that connection the second they open their mouth in the post-Chavez era (and they know it)
    2. Can you imagine the field day Radio Rochela would have had with this moron… they would have a weekly sketch just for him… shame we can’t see it.

    • Actually, I heard Soto has been giving Jaua rhetoric classes.

      Soto is the Demosthenes of the Revolution whereas Chávez, albeit younger, is our Pericles.

      Whereas Demosthenes honed his skills by giving speeches on the Mediterrenean seashore against the roar of the waves, Soto has been teaching Jaua to talk at a Las Mercedes pub while drinking 18-year old Scotch.

      Only Bolívar, Zamora and Chávez know where Jaua can go.

      • The speech given by Soto for Russian’s “Capilla Ardiente” would have been funny it not for the context:
        “CLODOBAAAARDO, was an exemplary revolutionary!!!”, I would have given 3 fingers in my left hand to be in the room to yell: “El senor se llama CLODOSVALDO!”

  4. I sometimes use my “señora de limpieza” as test case or “focus group” to judge how people on the street are responding to events. It isn’t very scientific, because she knows my opinions and she is very suggestible. Nevertheless, I like to see what her immediate and visceral reactions are to events.

    So, I showed her this video, which she had not seen previously. The reaction on her face went from astounded, to disgusted, and then finally to embarrassed, as she commented that “…pero, el esta representando todos nos Venezuelanos en frente del mundo!”

  5. I was going to say:
    “Doesn’t this fucker has something better to do with so many problems in Venezuela?”

    Then… It is actually better that he is doing this as opposed to keep expropiando.

  6. Dear Lord. Please let Elías Jaua be chavismo’s candidate in 2012 in case Chávez himself cannot run. Amen.

    • Wished we…

      I just don’t think they are that stupid. At any rate they are not politically stupid, not as much as the opposition parties could manage to be in the past. Let’s remember that these guys have been extremely successful at dominating Venezuela for the last 12 years. Dislike them and hate them for making Venezuela an awful mess, but recognize that they are still the guys ruling Venezuela.

  7. Sorry to burst your bubble but extorres is right. It’s a natural effect of listening to your own voice with a delay:

    • This is a great video – and sometimes on Skype you get this kind of hearing-yourself-with-a-delay effect, so I have a bit of experience with it and yes, it certainly does make it almost impossible to talk normally.

      But I’m not convinced this was the issue Jaua was having. You can hear the feedback on the video itself, and it’s not a long enough delay to cause it. Plus notice how in the Idiotizador video they don’t sound slurred or drunk when talking, just stupid. I never thought I’d find myself writing this but – Jaua didn’t sound stupid. (Only drunk.)

  8. Certainly he does not share in his boss’s love affair with mike and camera… He is just awkward.

    On the other hand and unrelated, Jaua is the worst kind of idiot, the fanatical kind.

    • Just what FC needs now for the colonials. All the countries Juaua mentioned will be rooting for Vinotinto to finally win something.

  9. …y què le ven de raro?,,,,,gran vainota, ni que fuera no sè quien el pajùo ese,,,,,
    y sì, a veces llegan a ser hasta presidentes/dictadores (gòmez docet) . y?!?!?
    pero bueno, ahora dejen los nervios y la chismoseadera que si siguen asì se van a volver màs ‘locas’ de lo que estàn, jejeje…

  10. “El Alba es un instrumento… eh, un espacio…” En medio de su borrachera lo que le queda de subconsciente lo traiciono y se puso en evidencia. Ellos usan al Alba como un burdo INSTRUMENTO de extorsion y coercion para forzar a los pobres paises que conforman el grupejo de naciones a seguir los lineamientos de politica exterior de Venezuela.


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