Caudillista? Moi?!


This has to be the most chigüiresque headline I’ve seen on a legitimate news story all year. Honestly.

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  1. Ah! Verdá que today is the birthday of the micomediantepresidente! That explain the PSUV stand in Plaza El Indio with the awful music and the gigantic float of Esteban!
    I’m beggining to hate that song with the “adelante comandante” bit. Well, even more of what I hate that already.
    And about the titular, now we know were the former Subpaid Intern is working now. Still subpaid, but now in euros.

  2. The change in Chavez’s fashion/image is a symptom that they see a need for change…. today he showed up in a yellow shirt with brown pants, tucked shirt… they must be reading the polls

  3. Brown Levis mind you (you can barely see the famous brown leader patch on the back but it’s there).

    Sera que no queda nadie en Venezuela que haga blueyines pa’l comandante presidente?

  4. Indeed the chiguire lampooned it. It’s on their page as an epidemic of Jaladera de Bolas that made people’s skins erupt horribly with posters of Hugo Chavez.

    Bitumen had a traditional use for skin affections.

    According to other sources, bitumen and pitch have uses in embalming too. I suppose they can also make him a gift of a pyramid. Wait! There’s the ugly mauve glass thing on the Valle Coche highway.

  5. de lo sublime (copa américa) a lo ridículo… en un país donde burlarse del otro es parte del día a día, cómo hacen los jodedorcitos chavistas para contenerse ante tanta ridiculez?

  6. No se contienen, se burlan de nosotros!
    …de los pendejos Venezolanos que nos calamos este saqueo, esta barbaridad pusilanimes. O es que ustedes no piensan que se deben divertir d elo lindo cada vez que ven sus Estados de Cuenta en Dolares…


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