The war against the MUD continues. Every three hours or so there is something new.

Now, VTV airs private conversations from non-entities to show … what, exactly?

Seriously, SEBIN is running around spending our tax bolivars recording…Pedro Soto?! What are we in 2002!?!

Chavismo must be terrified. Somewhere in the afterlife, the ghost of the Coordinadora Democrática is extremely jealous of all the success MUD is enjoying.

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  1. Pedro Soto. Really?

    For those who don’t remember, Col. Soto was an Air Force officer who declared himself “in disobedience” in the run-off toward the events of April. He led a stand-in in front of La Casona -with a somewhat big cacerolazo- in February ’02.

    I wonder what the PSUV tapes and records are saying right now.

  2. This is just nonsense. Soto? are they talking about Soto? Give me a break!!
    Wait just few minutes and we´ll see (en cadena nacional) an interview with Capitán General Emparan and some “espíritus de la sabana”

  3. Chamo, it’s a salvaguarda issue: wasting public funds spying on Pedro Soto es malversación genérica dónde me lo pongas!

      • Exactly! This should be a scandal, but nobody says anything? The government media was very silent over Murdoch, they know why… But how about protesting about the violation of law?

        • This is a case we could use in international courts, in the international media. Why aren’t we bringing it forward?

          It seems our politicians haven’t got a clue. At the very least, this could be used abroad to isolate further the regime. It should be used in Venezuela as well. What kind of tradition do we have that we don’t react about this?

          • I actually disagree, no caigamos en su juego. The MUD is doing everything right so far, and for them to re-focus their atttention to an issue the electorate does not care about could be hazardous. Let the Chavistas have all the fun, we´ll take the votes thank you very much.

            Always remember, we are not living “en un estado de derecho” hence the government can do whatever it wants, unless it´s something wildly unpopular; this phone tampering is peanuts, let´s focus on the campaign; they are desperate to get our attention, let´s not fall into that trap.

  4. But hey, why don’t we talk about who Soto was talking to…. and what they were talking about… did you saw they (Soto and the other guy, whose name I dont remember ) were terrified by the idea of having Ismael Garcia “be” the candidate in Aragua, and therefore not going to primarias there, instead, reaching a “consenso” consisting on having MUD put the finger to Ismael as the state “leader and main oppo candidate for governor” and let him support whomever won the primarias, where they were held. Come on we all know that a reconvertido like Ismael wouldnt get 3000 votes if not for Podemos. The mud is cat fight, they want to count themselves for state governements only where they are interested… Consenso will predominate over a NATIONAL vote, that we desperately need. If we reach a consenso candidate, everyone will know that the candidate will owe favors to Ramos Allup or any other big party secretary, and THAT will be punished electorally… We are totally screwed, we will spend months in this debate, there is no time for an outsider or a “new left”… Chavez will win big, what a S H A M E.

  5. The discussion in Aragua is not settled yet. But Soto is in no way a serious candidate either for consensus or for the primaries.

    Given that there are no incumbents, it is most likely that there will be primaries in Aragua for the Governorship. And it’ll probably be a run between Ismael García and some PJ politician (and most likely, a Podemos victory).

    I should remind you that local politics -and especially Aragua politics- are particularly filled with rancor and ill-wishes, and many politicos are intrigue-mongers (especially if the fear to lose). That’s just par for the course. But there’s a primaries’ commission in Aragua as in any other state, so the MUD will

      • My God! And that is the state next to Miranda and Venezuela’s capital.
        Carabobo has a Salas who pretends to remain in power forever (probably that’s why he helped so little for the 2009 referendum) and bases that on the regional votes. The problem is that most people don’t vote for a party but for THE candidate and so many people simply looked for the first appearance of the oppo candidate. Curiously, the Salas clan has 2 parties: Proyecto Carabobo and Proyecto Venezuela. Both of them are shown in every ballot.

        By all means they should do open primaries.
        They are acting like the usual local caudillos from the XIX century, they never learn.

  6. In the constituencies with incumbents, there’ll be consensus if there’s no challenge. Said challenge has to come from a number of parties (as represented in a number of votes).

    I’m unsure, Kepler, whether people vote for the candidate rather than the party; in some places, the pattern of allegiance toward one party is significant enough.

  7. Juan – you seem to have missed the point about this recording played on VTV. It’s nothing to do with Pedro Soto but with the intention of certain MUD groups not to have internal elections for canidates for Aragua and Bolivar state, but to impose Ismael and A. Velasquez as candidates unlaterally. In other words MUD is a misnomer – there is nothing “democratic” about it so Mesa de la Ultra Derecha would seem to be more appropiate.

    In fact, VTV just played anotehr recording of a private conversation between two opositores the make the point about the MUD being undeocratic. The SEBIN is doing a great job! 🙂


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