Will that include the math books?


The Minister for Science and Technology is promising a series of events to sell school supplies with savings of up to 130%.


[Hat tip: the other CC.]

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  1. Venezuelans & percentages have never worked well together.
    I had the bottled water guy arrive at the door a few years ago & tell me that the water had gone up 21% when in fact it was close to 28%.
    It’s all in the way you calculate.

    Old price – 90
    New price – 115
    Real increase – 27.7% (The increase 25 divided by the old price)

    Their calculation new price – 115 increase is 25/115
    Their increase – 21.7%

    Trying to explain the error is impossible. I’ve seen it time & time again in news reports by both government & private sources.

  2. What’s the big deal? They give you the school supplies and an additional 30% of the value in cash, right? 😉 I’ll take some of that.

  3. Reminds me of the athletes. quite common in the US, who claim they give 110% effort.

    Maybe the extra 30% refers to the kickback some Chavista official is getting. As the Chavista official is making no investment of his own money to get that kickback, it might be said that he is getting a return of infinity percent on that kickback. 🙂


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