Geez XXI


So, GIS XXI just published a “poll” gauging the public’s reaction to the announcement that Chávez has cancer. (No prizes for guessing what Jesse’s genius pollsters found.)

Funny thing, though: Chávez’s famously weird televised speech announcing his illness was on Thursday, June 30th. And the poll’s fieldwork dates? June 27th-July 3rd. 

[Hat tip: Victor Salomon.]

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  1. Clearly, the XXI refers to their IQ.

    Actually, the linked image is the first time I noticed the GIS XXI logo, you know, the one with the little man with the huge, grotesquely bend… er… left arm. Yeah, let’s say that’s his left arm. This is a family website.

  2. as a vzlan who works in public opinion, i have very little respect for gis xxi… however, nowhere in the poll does the word “cancer” appear… and even before chavez´s announcement, it was public knowledge that the president was ill and recovering in cuba from some yet unnamed disease… therefore, the point could be made that pollsters had a legitimate interest to ask people what they thought of chavez´s (mysterious) illness and his recovery in cuba…

    • No, it wasn’t. The official story line was that he was recovering from surgery and that he was fine. There were all sorts of rumors going around, but nothing official enough that 65% of the population would respond the way they did.

  3. What I find funnier is how the GIS XXI keeps publishing poll results that show “Chávez is more popular than before”. But Venezuela being what it is, nobody cares to check out what the last report is.

    Elsewhere you frequently see a chart, month by month, showing how popularity or anything else evolves.
    In Venezuela it is always the hic et nunc and when Venezuelans pretend they put things “under perspective” they mention one single previous event (and think that’s scientific polling or something like that).


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