Chavista paper thinks US Embassy is its bitch


Ernesto Villegas, the director of the rag that first posted the false news about the Venezuelan soccer team’s visas, has decided to double down.

He insists the rumor was true, and is now claiming success, saying that perhaps thanks to his brollo, the guys got their visas!

Ernesto: just apologize. You screwed up. It’s not that hard. Take it from me, you’ll feel better about yourself.

(I know. It’s a slow news day…)

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  1. Ah well you know these chavista bungholes, they back down to no one. Tercos hasta la muerte.
    Even if they know they’re wrong,even if the whole country,planet knows and have proof that they’re wrong, they still push forward for LA VICTORIA!!!

    • Yep! Sort of reminds me of the Black Knight in “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail” lying on the bridge with all of his arms and legs cut off, yelling, “Come back here you scurvy knave! I’ll bite your neck off!”


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