Francisco Toro plans to win the Boston Marathon


I mean, in theory, I’d love to win the Boston Marathon.

Not that I’m willing to train 8-10 hours per day, you understand.

Or eat a marathon runner’s diet.

Or live a marathon runner’s lifestyle.

Or, come to think of it, make any of the tradeoffs and sacrifices it would take to give myself a fighting chance of winning the Boston Marathon.

But I’d like to win the Boston Marathon…so in my mind, I’m planning to win the Boston Marathon.


No more absurd than this.

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  1. Quico, I got the message of the post…but just out of curiosity. Why Boston Marathon?

    Montreal Marathon is closer for you and New York Marathon more prestigious. Even Rome’s “Maratona” would be a nicer race as any other in the world…so please tell us why did you pick Boston for your post?

  2. Chavez gargled on today about:
    “diversifying its economy and forging trade ties with countries like China and Russia”

    .”-all Chavez has done has borrowed billions from Russia for weapons -bought from Russia. And, how many billions does Venezuela owe China now? So,with all of the”economic trade” with China and RUssia (oops, forgot Iran-Chavez) you might think the economy in Venezuela would be doinggreat-last 12 years. WRONG.

    Lies and more damn lies..

  3. Reminds me of Jerry Lewis, who was recently interviewed by Vanity Fair and was asked what was his greatest achievement. He said: “Loosing to Nadal 6-0, 6-0.”

  4. Note Ramirez’s last statement”one long-term goal is -to make Venezuela
    “a more balanced country” (95 % of exports are oil). How’s that been
    working out the LAST 12 years? Can you say- WRONG WAY!

      • I don’t think it’s the Espíritu Santo. Raúl is on the right track, it’s the Espíritus de la Sabana. I firmly believe it’s the Otomaco or Guamo roots in los Llanos and that is really a very different kind of thing than the Arawaco and Carib or other native American traits outside the Llanos.

        • Kepler, it was a reference to another comment of his at the Crónicas de Caracas site, not a point being made regarding which spirit in particular.

  5. I believe in reencarnation, Francisco, and that nobody is irreplaceable. So it’s all fine, except for the demise of the original incarnation.

    If you were acting like PDVSA does act…

    You would be stuffing your face with several double cheeseburgers, super-sized fries and soda every meal plus dessert, lying on the couch watching tv eating potato chips and surfing the web for porn in between. As a bloated, hulking blob of 300 odd kilos, you would die of morbid obesity and your own self-abuse long before you stood at the starting line.

    Fortunately, five or six fit, lean, competitive and healthy runners will be able to take your place at the starting line after you kick the bucket, if they are allowed… If everyone, specially the organizers, see the gigantic folly of the former situation.

  6. But, shouldn’t we be blasting AP and The Guardian for printing stuff and giving a platform to a bloody chavista idiot that has failed every single promise he’s made?

    Completely agree FT, so non news.

  7. Hey Alek, he might be bloody, he is chavista, but don’t get him wrong. He is as close to being an idiot as you are from being a resident of the Moon.

    There are cult followers, following the preacher (as in evangelical movements), there are charisma-induced, enchanted by what HRC does, there are lefty types, happy to be in a “battle” against the Empire, there are opportunists, taking a chance and there are drivers, driving the car.

    Guess where “lengua’e trapo” fits…. Right there where idiots don’t have the minimum opportunity…

    • Hey David, in my book, they’re all fucking imbeciles. Especially, the ones close to micomandantepresidente.

      Any person that repeats and repeats, in front of the whole world, promises that he/she knows will never be accomplished, therefore irreparably damaging their personal reputations, is the very definition of a bloody idiot. That he is milking the revolution? Most probably. Is that the definition of an intelligent, honourable, non idiotic person? Most definitely not.

      Think about it man, you have to be an idiot to put up with Chavez, y reirle la galopante estupidez, day in and day out, for 12 years. You have to be insane, to let your life be dictated by the actions of such a deranged fellow. I believe it is a measure of a man’s intellectual, and moral stature the kind of company he keeps, the kind of actions he undertakes, the kind of opinions/statements that he makes, etc. Ergo, in that light, they’re all nothing but a bunch of pariahs, tapa amarilla caricatures of men. Descerebrados pues, for no self respecting individual, with an iota of dignity and integrity, puts up with that crap.

      • “Think about it man, you have to be an idiot to put up with Chavez, y reirle la galopante estupidez, day in and day out, for 12 years.”

        Dude, you nailed it. To endure all that BS for so long, you have to be one f******** idiot.

        Just watch what Maripili did yesterday. That make me sick to my stomach.

      • Well-spoken,from the heart. I hate the fact that so many of my family are
        so silent and even complicit- in the face of our financial losses for example-
        and for the sake of the future.

  8. call me curious. since when is it ok for a blogger to excoriate a newspaper owner, albeit one that inherited the mantle, for publishing his own speech on the front page of his family’s newspaper, when days later, that same blogger highlights himself, front row and centre, on his own blog?

      • …what an university is to a soapbox?

        I think this is a better comparison.

        Imagine the rector of an university plugging his own research work and ideas using his position.

        • I’m sure your parallel is better thought out than mine.

          Frankly, I find the failure to grasp the difference between a newspaper and a blog enormously frustrating.

          • I’m sure your frustration is, well, just enormous.
            Ultra vanity pieces are ultra vanity pieces, whether the podium be big or small. The same principle is at work. Here’s another: cachicamito diciéndole a morrocoy conchudo.

          • In the first place, Francisco used himself as a rhetorical device.

            In any case, a blog has no pretension other than to be the place where the blogger expresses _whatever_ he wants. A newspaper has the pretension to show news, not just opinion. Some even pretend to be impartial!

            I still remember my disillusion the day I realized that newspapers are handled like blogs. I suppose the people who believe a newspaper owner can handle a newspaper like a blog are the same people who think a president can handle a country like a taguara.

            Por eso estamos como estamos…

            Why do I feel like feeding the troll?

          • Yes, Javier, por eso estamos como estamos…
            because Groupthink and Groupsay gets charmed by glibness, by style over substance, by a blogger’s lack of conviction when he gets *outraged* for effect, then turns around and displays a similar behaviour to that which earlier caused him histrionics. No pretense? My favourite pretension has to be the lectures on keeping language simple, only to turn around and dangle a superfluous amount of embellishments like a woman wearing too much jewellry. Repeatedly. Things that make you go, qué falta de seriedad.

            So I roll my eyes and observe, while waiting for a more serious FT to emerge, one that is worthwhile reading.

            As for your disillusionment over newspapers, I would agree, but would add the entire media span, for the most part. There is so much [email protected] out there, made worse by the unaccountable me-generation which needs an awful lot of attention. An accessory to that process is the dumbing-down of target audiences.

        • Huh??
          So now a front-page opinion piece by the owner of a (declining) newspaper, celebrating the newspaper’s anniversary is equivalent to a university rector plugging his own research work and ideas?

          Oh, and P.S., if that research were vital to the promo of the university, you can bet your bottom dollar that it would be mentioned, first of course, to the media via a press release, then perhaps ever so cleverly, so as not to come across too narcissistically, by the very rector who spearheaded the initiative.

  9. Quico, something tells me that even if you were willing to train/eat/live properly – i.e., make all the tradeoffs – you still wouldn’t be able to win the Boston Marathon. That is, your raw physical ability (call it talent, perhaps) is insufficient to shape, with any amount of work, to the point where you could win that race. (No insult intended, just saying such ability is pretty rare.)

    I wonder if these guys have an analogous trait, but mental rather than physical. That is, even if they were willing to make all the tradeoffs, could they actually succeed? Do they have the honest-to-God knowhow that can make it happen? I’m not convinced. That argument, though, will forever remain hypothetical.

    As for the comments about newspapers printing every lie Chavez spouts, well, we’re part of the problem. A while ago, I stopped clicking on links highlighting his latest idiocy. Why? Because by clicking, we’re showing interest, and by showing interest, we encourage them to continue. If you want them to stop, then you need to stop.

    Besides, if you think there is more substance to whatever Hugo said than what is in the headline, you don’t pay much attention. (Or have faith in our esteemed bloggers, who will likely pick up anything important Hugo says, and a few amusing ones, besides.)

    • This is a good point AIO, I thought the same thing when I read Quico’s post… I happen to know a thing or two about running marathons and live in a place where elite marathoners train year round. I’ve been out for training runs and have had the luxury of seeing the top runners in the world fly by me. I’ve met Quico and let’s just say he’s not Kenyan…

      Now, the good analogy is whether the current government (HRC included) could, if willing to forgo all their bad habits, “win that race” and take Venezuela to a better place. I think unfortunately, that analogy is just as farfetched as Quico outrunning an african human bullet.

  10. Just a quick question – maybe someone can help me. On p.77 of her book Eva Golinger says that “Millions of Chavez supporters filled the streets on April 13”. I’ve read estimates of thousands, even tens of thousands, but not hundreds of thousands, and certainly not millions. Where did she get that from? Does anyone know of any reasobaly accurate estimates of how many chavistas went on to the streets of Caracas to protest the removal of Chavez? Thanks in advance.

    • Her imagination. There is no independent estimate of this, precisely because there wasn’t a single place where people were marching, and because the climactic moment (when Chavez came back) happened at night.


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