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Thoughts on Manuel Rosales’ proclamation of Pablo Perez as UNT’s candidate?

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  1. Very glad to hear it. While I prefer Radonski to PP to me hes still a good candidate. Infinitely better then the intellectually challenged man that brought us such famous quotes as “El crimen ah llegado hasta Margarita que es una isla RODEADA de agua” and “Si el gobierme me mata y yo me MUERO” among many many others lol. Im not a big fan of UNT but for once ill agree that they definetely made the right decision.

    • On the wall thou seest the message: Mene, mene te qué Scotch
      It means that thanks to the black gold to be found in the province of Zulia and that UNT shall wisely use, we shall see the return of that holiest of all Venezuelan drinks and there shall be great joice.

    • My thoughts exactly.

      People in Maracaibo seemed to forget he started the whole “putting my face in every road sign” thing, and then all of a sudden in 2006 he was the messiah and you couldn’t say anything bad about him without being labeled rojo-rojito. I mean, do we seriously wonder why we lost in 2006?

  2. Thoughts

    1-Oh Thank God. (No, not sarcastically, genuinely relieved MR isn’t running.)

    2-Count the number of times he says “mi”, “yo”, “me”, “mis” in a speech nominating somebody else. What a fucking asshole.

    3-Time to update the Oppo Field post!

    • Count?! I could barely stay awake. He could have saved us all a lot of time by just saying, Listen, folks, I’ve just realised I’m a washed-up old has-been. I made myself and my party look like clowns by announcing my triumphal return half a dozen times, only to fail to show up on each occasion. I can’t string sentences together, I’m as inspiring as cold rice pudding, and if I ever had any chance of being a candidate for anything ever again, I screwed it up by running away instead of going to jail like a true leader. Do yourselves a favour and vote for the guy I should have endorsed months ago. He’s not perfect, but at least he gives the impression he’s going somewhere. Me? I can’t even get the scenery right for a piece-to-camera. I’m going into real estate in Panama.

    • “2”

      Sorry, but he can’t be as bad as you say when he is in a position to justify being a candidate yet he’s stepping aside so that we can do #3, moving the Oppo Field post, to a better location for the nation.

      So, I disagree. I didn’t like him as a candidate, I don’t like him in the video, but he is doing a darn good thing, very respectable thing, a thing I wish others would do, too.

      • On that point I agree. I just think it would have been better for all concerned (except the government) had he reached this blindingly obvious conclusion six months ago.

  3. El anuncio “no se hizo antes, no porque existían diferencias sino porque no había posiciones definidas. Mi amigo Pablo Pérez no aspiraba (…) Todo lo que hemos hecho ha sido de acuerdo, nada ha perturbado, nada ha retrasado ninguna decisión”.

    4-Chamo, Rosales makes Pablo Pérez look like Bobby Kennedy.

    • Lo divertido es que pasa directamente de acusar al gobierno de estar atascado en el pasado a revendernos…Mi Negra!

      And immediately afterwards, he reminds us not to think of an elephant…


    • Aunque te salgan ronchas, the future is a turbo version of Mi Negra. MR falls short once again only promising “part” of the oil revenues for Mi Negra (minute 7:41). It should be 100% of oil revenue.

  4. All seem to dislike Rosales… is there any Maracucho in the forum? can someone explain to me why UNT is so strong in Zulia? (PSUV is the first political force in all the other states – UNT is the first party in Zulia)

    • Hey, I’m maracucho and I don’t like Rosales. But Rosales has built a proper machinery, and UNT spends money on lots of shiny things. They also have a near monopoly on who gets to be a candidate.

      • right but how do you built the machinery other than working your ass out? the point is that he might not be the brightest politician but ask yourself the question how was Maracaibo and Zulia before and after Rosales? I am not maracucho so I can’t give faith of what I’ve heard

        • It goes like this:

          Jaime Lusinchi liked Blanca Ibañez very much.
          Blanca Ibañez liked Omar Barboza very much.
          Omar Barboza liked Manuel Rosales very much.

          Rosales didn’t build the machine: he inherited it.

          • On closer inspection, the Wikipedia entry for Barboza in Spanish is an abomination. Shouldn’t UNT have a flunky in charge of monitoring this sort of thing?

            (But the basic genealogy of the UNT machine does track back to the Lusinchi years – that can’t really be denied.)

          • This must be your dislike writing for you, and must be the most unfair portrait of Rosales I have ever seen. See, the Ibañez-Barboza “machinery” was wiped out in 1989 by OAP, and then again in 1992 by OAP, and the again by Lolita Aniyar in 1993, and then again twice by Arias Cardenas in 95 and 98. So that´s for the formidable political machinery inherited by Rosales. Rosales became relevant after narrowly winning the Maracaibo´s mayor office and throwing two terms considered unanimously as having accomplished no less that the true transformation of an ugly city. After that, he gained a well deserved reputation of effective results’oriented politician. Then he moved toward two good but less bright terms as a Governor, and then this spotty trajectory as a “national leader”…Your blanca ibañez connection is just too low, Rosales´dominance in Zulia is a consequence oh him having working his ass off building a reputation based on results. As much as I dislike the guy, I will give him his well deserved credit…al cesar lo que es del cesar

          • that is exactly what my dad told me about Maracaibo an ugly city populated by grass, goat and snake transformed by Rosales. I agree that Blanca Ibanez or Omar Barboza cannot be the ones responsible for such formidable machinery… I will say it again: the only state in which PSUV is not the first political force is Zulia because of UNT. I don’t expect to support Rosales but it would be better for the sake of the argument to be more objective on his pros and cons.

  5. I’m sorry but i think this is all wrong, although i don’t like UNT or Manuel Rosales, i kinda,KINDA MAYBE like Pablo Perez.

    But i think it PP who should have announced this, not Manuel. To me he looks MORE like a puppet now, and Manuel looks more like the guy in charge. Definitely made UNT lose even more credibility. The only reason MR didn’t go for it is because he’s not in Vzla, not because PP is a good candidate. MR has a very inflated ,hurt, but very inflated ego-

  6. Sometimes the opposition suffer from candidate perfectionism, is not enough to be a candidate, you have to be perfect… wake up people, no candidate is perfect much less in Venezuela. More important, if existed such candidate people wouldn’t liked… you have to respect someone who was able to keep Chavistas a bay. Moreover his dominion was so strong that he was able to pass it to a succesor (Could Chavez do that?). He is probably not the brightest but you have to respect his work…

    • Carrera Damas, when asked for one word to qualify venezuelans, said: We are “perfect”
      In Venezuela, if Churchill is the candidate, we will say: ” He is a drunk, fat, ugly guy” if Ghandi is the candidate, we will say: “He is an anorexic and bad dressed guy”
      We are “perfect”


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