That's not a campaign launch, that's a rancho en llamas!


OK, y’all will say I’m biased against UNT, but seriously, this is Pablo Pérez’s campaign launch?

I’m sorry, but that’s very weak.

It’s not just that the visuals, with the collar de micrófonos, are awful. Leave aside the fact that he waited a full day before speaking. It’s that his strategic frame is…hopeless.

Decentralization? That’s what his campaign is about? Vote for me so governors can administer the highways again? Really!?

A campaign launch is one of those few times when a resource-starved candidate can count on generous free media, a key juncture where you get to define your strategic frame, your narrative setting out what your campaign is about.

Pablo Pérez’s campaign is about some bureaucratic category that looms large in governors’ horizons and very small in voters’, a distant abstraction with only the most roundabout, tenuous link to the things that really matter in people’s lives. It’s the kind of framing that matters to someone – who really enjoys being a Governor!

I mean, really? Democracy is circling the drain, a neo-communist dictatorship is on the verge of consolidating itself for good, a kleptocratic ruling elite has lost any sense of restraint about pillaging the nation’s resources, a fundamentalist sectarian cult of personality is gobbling up the body politic, and your basic pitch to the voters is…decentralization?

This is going to be a cakewalk for Capriles.

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  1. well there goes Pablito……and he didn’t nail it.
    i think he looked nervous and somewhat overwhelmed by the big presidential cmpaign thing.
    Is it too much for him?

  2. This looks to be decided between Capriles and Maria Corina, unless Leopodo Lopez enters via deux ex machina.

    Pablo Perez should stick to a second term in Zulia.

  3. He actually does get around to saying “y sobre todo, reconciliacion”. That was that ended the First Sandinista government in Nicaragua. But the candidate, Violetta Chamorro actually presented it as the priority, not an afterthought.

  4. I dunno, but it doesn’t look like a formal announcement does it? It looks like some random event in which the reporters took their chance and asked about his candidacy… Besides, you have to admit that the guy looks better in this clip than in previous videos you have put here…

    • Well that’s just the point: Rosales had just spoken the day before, so it was obvious that the next time he spoke to a Camera would become in effect his campaign launch. But instead of minding it, thinking it through, working the occasion, he let himself het buttonholed by a bunch of journos and hectored into making the worst campaign launch ever.

      Amateur hour!

  5. Sure it was amateurish… But it is the nicest video I have seen of him yet. He actually seems connected to the world in this one.

  6. Decentralization is not a bad campaign theme though. It’s something that a lot of voters understand. Even though it may seem empty and vague, it’s something that can be hammered down as your central ideological theme.

      • I’m reading La Rebelion de los Naufragos, and it goes into a lot of detail on AD’s fierce opposition to the idea of electing Governors and Mayors directly. Many of these folks are now applauding Pablo Perez.

        • Is that book good?
          I imagined so. People had the opportunity to taste better candidates precisely in the most urban centres. Unfortunately now, there are state parties entrenched there. It would be great if PJ can get hold of Carabobo now.
          I think people in the Llanos and other Chavista-dominated areas have no idea what decentralization would mean, so it is a non-issue for them;

  7. The campaign is just beginning:

    ““Aquí no es una misión de “Mi Negra” es una misión del país. Venezuela necesita una verdadera redistribución de la riqueza petrolera”

    And it looks very promising. I hope they get it: 100% of the oil revenue unconditionally distributed! Nothing less, please.

  8. Quico: as far as I know, the only two candidates with actual staged launches are Maria Corina and Eduardo Fernandez… Neither HCR nor PP, nor LL (althoug he has come close) have made a formal nationally televised address….

    And HCR has spoken wonders about decentralisation, just as many of the other candidates… Just read these not so remote press clips:

    You’d think that decentralisation is some sort of loony issue, as if PP had just spoken about UFOs or Creationism.

    • There’s nothing wrong with Decentralization. It’s just an odd issue to put at the centre of a campaign.

      Obviously, the act that PP was thinking of as the “Campaign Launch” came a day later. To me, the moment when you say “yes, I’m running” *IS* your campaign launch, though.

      So my sense is that they just didn’t plan out the last few days very carefully. In Panama, they failed to get MR to agree to clear his speech with them. Then they put an ill-prepared governor in front of cameras a day after MR’s speech but a day before his launch, squandering the moment of highest media interest.

      If 2012 is going to be a competence, you need to make sure you *signal* competence. The last few days didn’t signal competence to me.


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