The Libyan uprising through rojo-rojito-tinted glasses

The Face of the Imperialist Terror Brigades

AVN: “Obama demands Gaddafi’s resignation as a condition to stopping the blood-bath in Libya.”
TeleSUR: “Cameron affirms that aggression against the Libyan people was ‘necessary'”
Aporrea: “NATO using sonic bombs to terrorize [Libyan] women and children.”
Correo del Orinoco: “NATO’s attacks on Tripoli leave 1,300 dead and 900 wounded.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It isn’t the fetid propagandism as such that rankles…it’s getting lectured on journalistic ethics by these people that gets to me.

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  1. The picture says it all. Happy people, all!
    Chavez cannot look at this picture and claim
    “imperialist terror brigades”.
    Here’s hoping that all of Chavez’s “friends’
    meet these “imperialist terror brigades”.

  2. In-deed!

    Via Twitter Sara Sidner, CNN correspondent in Tripoli tweets: Libya State TV’s anchor person Hala al Misrati detained. Tried to interview her today but unable to access her. Rebels: “She is unharmed.”

  3. “You will never, ever see that. She will be the first one to say, ‘ I am an american and you cannot do that to me.’ ”

    I suspect that one reason that Lori Berenson got involved with the MRTA in Peru was that she assumed that her US passport would give her immunity to prosecution. To her chagrin, she found out her passport was of no assistance when Peruvian authorities determined she had broken Peruvian law.

    • Shouldn’t the disconsolate “bride of the revolution” be at her “husband’s” side, during his time of need?
      Haven’t seen her lately, or her self-promoting machinery.


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