Eva Golinger makin' things up = dog bites man

There are two topics I normally steer away from: Wikileaks, and Eva Golinger.

The former, because it is essentially a boatload of gossip, and people fascinated by it glibly ignore the fact that these are private documents (probably) illegally obtained. I generally have a hard time getting past the ick factor.

The latter I steer clear from because… well, where do I begin? Eva Golinger’s crazy rants simply bore me.

But I’m gonna break my rule just this once.

Today Golinger tweeted a link to a Wikileaks cable – dated 2005 – in which the Embassy discusses a meeting between Primero Justicia head Julio Borges and the US Ambassador at the time, William Brownfield.

The cable is blasé. Borges talks about the opposition’s lack of a strategy, and he outlines PJ’s plans to focus on the government’s failure at meeting expectations.

Borges and the Ambassador apparently discussed how the US government could help Venezuelan civil society by, among other things, building libraries, sponsoring English classes, and trying to bring back the Peace Corps. Pretty harmless stuff in the eyes of anyone not bat-shit insane.

What’s notable here is what the cable does not contain.

Borges didn’t ask the US government for money. There were no pleas for logistical help, or a visa, or a free trip to Washington, not even a cold Toddy. There is none of that. All Borges did was say “You know what? It would be nice if the Embassy taught poor people some English.”

It was a courtesy call that ended up being … just a courtesy call.

But Eva Golinger has never let facts get in the way of a good slander. In true chavista rabble-rousing fashion, she tweeted,

“Wikileaks: PrimeroJusticia pide ayuda d la EmbajadaUSA,Julio Borges pide q USA “fortalezca” la sociedad civil en Vzla” …

Never mind that the word “strengthen” does not appear in the cable. Never mind that what Borges did was “suggest” the US Embassy “help” improve Venezuelan civil society with … libraries, English classes, and the Peace Corps.

Golinger’s tweet twists (tweests?) the content of the cable to make it seem like Borges is asking the US Government for help for Venezuela’s opposition.

I am tempted to say Golinger is grasping at straws here, but there aren’t even any straws for her to grasp. As per usual, the “bride of the Revolution” is full of hot air.

(Major HT: Setty)