This note, which turned up on Caracas Chronicles’ Facebook page, may be the weirdest thing I’ve seen all week.

Reader’s Digest
We are researching a piece for Reader’s Digest UK about interesting or bizarre Christmas traditions around the world.

We were hoping that you could help us clarify a tradition we heard about in Venezuela. I read that on Christmas morning in Caracus, people roller skate to church. I also read that children tie a piece of string around their toe when they go to bed, and they put the other end out of the window, for people to pull when they roller skate past.

Would you be able to verify this tradition, or provide us with any more information about it? I hope that it does happen, and isn’t just a joke, because it sounds great fun! If you knew of any photographs showing this tradition, then it would be great if you could also let me know.

Is this a thing? Really? The theory is floating around the Intertoobz but I’ve never ever heard of it before…

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