主權? Try 賣淫


From an AVN story about a meeting Hugo Chávez held yesterday with the Chinese:

“Chávez … explained that Chinese banks give out loans to Venezuela and, in exchange, Venezuela supplies China with oil.

“This is important because (the opposition) said Venezuela couldn’t sell oil to China, because it was too expensive. Meantime, we were giving our oil away to Western powers, to oil multinationals and their respective countries,” he pointed out.

Chávez highlighted that while in 2005 Venezuela sold less than 50 thousand barrels per day to China, right now it was selling close to 400 thousand bpd, an increase of over 1,000%. (Note: in what world is that 1,000%? Maybe it’s some ancient, secret Chinese math…)

“We have been reviewing investment plans, the China-Venezuela fund, and now the new agreement we have just signed, a long-term agreement to ramp up production.”

So, let’s get this straight. Venezuela sells oil to China. China, in turn, pays in advance, or something. In exchange for that, they get to review and decide what projects they let us invest our oil money in.

I have an idea.

Let’s tell the Chinese: we’ll sell you oil, lots of it, all the oil you need. In exchange, you give us money, be it dollars, yuan, yen, or whatever. We take our money, and we do with it whatever we damn please.

How about that?

As I see it, these agreements are win-win for the Chinese. They get lots of oil, presumably at a discount. In exchange, they get to decide what we do with our oil money, which you can be sure involves lots of big, fat contracts for Chinese companies selling Chinese products to Venezuelans, with lots of hefty commissions going around and nobody bothering to oversee anything.

And this is what they call “sovereignty” in Hugo Chávez’s Venezuela!


There’s a word for this in Chinese, and it’s not 主權. It’s 賣淫.

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        • Crazy photo if ever I saw one.

          The genuinely crazy thing, though, is that I see that Chinese people are involved in development planning for Venezuela and I’m…RELIEVED!

          China : Giordani :: Conde del Guacharo : Rosales

          • Oh yeah, I saw that. Beautiful cinematography. And I thought it was a really fair and nuanced take on it. Talk all the trash you want, but the Chinos get shit built.

          • Chinese will never leave- and neither will Russians, Iranians,
            New masters for the Venezuelans for eternity-thanks to Chavez.

          • I wouldn’t be so relieved. It is not like the Chinese are really going to do something serious about development planning. Besides, they are very aware a government change will be detrimental to them: they won’t get better conditions than now. They will support Chávez in more ways than just providing some dosh.
            The Chinese are providing electronic material for COMINT and ELINT. Perhaps Chavistas haven’t made the best use of it, as they are so thick, but they can theoretically do some harm if things deteriorate

          • “I’m…RELIEVED! -don’t forget to flush.”
            I believe the deals with China are horrible for Venezuela.
            (Forget Giordani etc. Venezuela can do better)
            All contracts with China made by Chavez need to be shredded NOW.
            Same with Russia and Iran, and Cuba.

  1. You see stuff like this and realize the looting is on a level that tells you it will take a armed revolution like Libya to eject the people that are profiting from it.

  2. And so this explain the increasing number of quincallas managed by Chinese people, and the increasing importing of Asian branded foodstuffs. These days you can’t get Mazeite in your local chain supermarked, while in el abastico chino you can get imported chinese drinks and like eight different flavors of ramen, both bag and cup versions. And none of them with that tag of sanitary permissions!

  3. Only a carcass will be left when they are done with Vzla,

    The looting has been so big and so widespread with so many people involved that the next government must efficiently hunt down as many of these hyenas as possible and go after the stolen goods.

    I mean, one easy way to rip a chinesse/russian/cuban loan/deal is to show that there were unlawful comissions, overprices, etc involved into the deal.

    • “the next government must efficiently hunt down as many of these hyenas as possible and go after the stolen goods”- absolutely- this is THE big job ahead. They should be shot.-Well, at least
      trials for their crimes. Opposition are all about peace- even a hint of getting tough and
      Chavez will say “Oh they want to kill me….they are plotting to kill us all-blah blah blah…

  4. I lived in Trinidad for 5 years and watched the Chinese financing and building projects with imported Chinese labor and materials. Sweet. Good work if you can get it, as they say. So get used to seeing a lots of Chinese in your country. They will be paid in US dollars sent back to China and they will be taking Venezuelan jobs. It really is a very clever process – loan Ven. money, Venezuela pays chinese workers who expatriate the money to china, venezuela still has to pay the loan. Venezuela might finally get something built but will pay the price of quality.

  5. Don’t blame it on the Chinese. Blame it on Chavez.

    If Chavez does not want money from the Chinese then not thing the Chinese can do about Venezuela’s oil.

    • Well, Juan: the Chinese may be ripping Venezuelans off, but to be honest: the Europeans and US Americans were giving us credits and “aid” support to buy their Mercedes, to buy their weapons, to buy whatever they wanted to sell even if more expensive than others, for many decades now. Things are getting worse, but this is not new.
      I can’t think of any major transaction that hasn’t been carried out in that way, but for some aid from Norway to Sri Lanka or the like. But well, yeah, the intensity of the rape may be reaching record levels…if only because it’s Chávez and his military thugs together with those dinosaur “lefties” who know this is their last chance.

        • Not quite directly, but pretty much so. The first person to tell me this was a German working for a foundation you know (not the Konrad-Adenauer one). You want credits for PDVSA? You better buy our XXX and not those of the French/US Americans/Japanese/whatever.

          • Chavez is giving GIVING the oil to China cheaper-as if a.why should Chinese buy the oil anyway
            because- it is far away for one thing.
            No-Chavez DESIRES to sell to Chinese- you know why. To eventually cut out sales to US-(a
            pipe dream) so he has to drastically reduce the price.
            Point again is- Chavez wants to sell to China -bad. So bad- he will make a horrible deal.
            Because- on “Chavez level” -any deal with anybody except US is a “good deal”..
            Do you question what I am saying?

  6. The question is; what do the Chinese do with the oil that they buy at a discount? The certainly don’t transport it all back to China, it’s too expensive to transport and that would be a waste of money. Most of it gets sold on to trading companies, or oil majors (the people who would have bought the oil from Venezuela in the first place) and it’s the Chinese who pocket the difference. So in the name of “not selling to the Yanquees” Venezuela sells to the Chinese who sell to the “Yanquees” anyway and get the profits… Does this benefit the Venezuelan people in any way? I don’t think so but it benefits me because I work for one of the companies that buys the Oil from the Chinese. Just to reassure you, Venezuela isn’t the only country that get screwed this way, there are others in South America too.

    • Mal de muchos, consuelo de tontos!

      So are you privy to the details of this swap trade? Would you give me an off-the-record interview?

    • This has been documented elsewhere. I remember “Chavez was po’ed but
      did not say anything to the Chinese about this” re. Chavez gives oil to china
      for $5 a barrel-etc..And, yes Chinese went straight across to Houston and
      sold it.

  7. “”…Meantime, we were giving our oil away to Western powers, to oil multinationals and their respective countries,” he pointed out.”

    Yeah, so selling oil at $100 a barrel is “giving oil away”. I hate it when they try to manipulate people so crudely. I can imagine people mindlessly saying “yes, yes, micomandante is right, we must stop giving our oil away, poor us!”


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