¡Que Ovarbaridad!

What do you call a firm that had existed for less than three months when it landed a $252 million contract to sell a PDVSA-subsidiary (Bariven) equipment that usually sells for $112 million? A firm whose sole legal representative gives her address as  4023 West Davis Street, Conroe, Texas, which is the address for a car wash? A firm that claims to have clients in nine countries, but has no Google Trail of ever having done anything other than sell Bariven over-priced Rolls Royce turbines?

A firm whose CEO has no Google trail at all beyond a Facebook page? A firm with a single promotional video stitched together out of stock footage with a grand total of 27 views as of this morning?

I don’t know what you call it, but I call it una Ovarbaridad!

[Big time hat tip to Cesar Batiz of Últimas Noticias who has been doing outstanding work digging into the cesspool of corruption around Ovarb and similar maletín-based electric procurement firms…]