Minister of the People's Power for Trash Talking About Housing

Math. It makes his brain hurt.

Today, housing minister Ricardo Molina called together a bunch of media for a ceremony in Táchira to deliver 48 new homes. Forty eight!

Except, as Julio Borges keeps reminding us, Chávez promised 150,000 new homes this year. That works out to 411 new homes every day.

So here’s hoping Molina enjoyed his little shindig in Táchira, because if he’s going to meet the target his boss set, he’s going to have to have eight of those every day from now on.

Good luck with that!

[Some other “viviendas dignas” recently built with Venezuelan public funds are right after the jump…]

85 W Grand Regency Circle, The Woodlands, Texas - Chez Ovarb

(This house is so big, if I zoom in all the way on GoogleMaps, it doesn’t all fit on my laptop screen!)

7 Hepplewhite Way, Spring, Texas - esta como que es para la visita.

Update: Apparently, Mr. Rincón sold 7 Hepplewhite earlier this year.

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