Minister of the People's Power for Trash Talking About Housing

Math. It makes his brain hurt.

Today, housing minister Ricardo Molina called together a bunch of media for a ceremony in Táchira to deliver 48 new homes. Forty eight!

Except, as Julio Borges keeps reminding us, Chávez promised 150,000 new homes this year. That works out to 411 new homes every day.

So here’s hoping Molina enjoyed his little shindig in Táchira, because if he’s going to meet the target his boss set, he’s going to have to have eight of those every day from now on.

Good luck with that!

[Some other “viviendas dignas” recently built with Venezuelan public funds are right after the jump…]

85 W Grand Regency Circle, The Woodlands, Texas - Chez Ovarb

(This house is so big, if I zoom in all the way on GoogleMaps, it doesn’t all fit on my laptop screen!)

7 Hepplewhite Way, Spring, Texas - esta como que es para la visita.

Update: Apparently, Mr. Rincón sold 7 Hepplewhite earlier this year.

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  1. Para Molina, “hoy podemos decir que 48 familias pueden vivir de manera digna, no como el engaño de la contrapatria, que sacaba a una familia de un rancho para meterla en otro rancho”.

    I guess he is referring to the governments of the 4th republic, yet again. You have to be deeply dishonest to state such a thing, which is blatantly untrue, and quite frankly would have been extremely stupid. You can say anything about the AD and Copei governments, but one thing they were not is stupid, at least not to the degree the current regime is. In that sense, they broke all records.

  2. At the end of Q1 I added the houses the government said it had completed and distributed the rest according to the number they had announced to finish for the end of 2011 and for the whole project.

    This is what I got:

    It would be interesting to update that chart and see how Q4 will have a huge bulge of delayed housing.
    Could we have a number of total houses/flats presumably (just presumably) built until Q3?

  3. geha714 has a point but it remains incomplete: contrary to popular belief, math as so defined is not an exact science but responds to the exigencies of the moment, often dollied up with odds&ends like exact percentages of the “se-lograron-avances-correspondiendo-a-un-32,538%-del-programa-proyectado…” type, for instance, all aimed at achieveing at least an air of verisimilitude. It’s been said before but bears repetition: to apply common logic to rail at shortfalls in official activities is to miss the train altogether. Even to speak of the ‘truth of the matter’ is do do likwise. There has to be more mileage in querying what mindset disgorges the lamentably familiar incoherencies and, by extension, its suitability for occupation of posts of public responsibility.

  4. I have docs on the Roberto Rincon’s recent sale of 7 Hepplewhite Way, but I need an e-mail to send them to. I do not see contact information on the website

  5. Look, what it comes to is not what Chavismo says or does, as corrupt and contemptible as it is, but it’s whether this government has any further legitimacy! As long as Chavismo makes the rules, and as long as the opposition recognizes and abides by those rules or at least behaves as though those rules have weight vis-a-vis the planning and execution of the coming election campaign, then the opposition gives de facto legitimacy to the Hugo Chavez regime.

    On the other hand, the InterAmerican Court for Human Rights has countered the legitimacy of Chavismo, and the opposition has recourse to disrespect and disregard those rules. Of course, there could be consequences, and freedom often has a price! Peaceful civil disobedience under the the legitimacy of the InterAmerican Court for Human Rights is a powerful tool that should be considered, if not now, perhaps soon.

    Not to act, obviously, has a price, too, as corruption and incompetence wastes away the nation’s treasures.


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