Small Walls


And now for something completely different: my wife Kanako’s first show in Caracas opens this Sunday, October 9th, at 11 a.m., at the Parque Cultural Hacienda La Trinidad.

She’ll be exhibiting a series of rice-paper-on-gesso drawings – it’s hard to explain unless you see them.

It’s a two-person show alongside Venezuelan photographer María Ángeles Octavio – of the Beelzebub’s Bowel Movement clan – though honestly that’s a crazy coincidence, neither Miguel nor I had anything to do with the show.

Unfortunately, Kanako is too busy having a baby to make it to her own opening. But do drop by if you have a chance (and you like that sort of thing.)

The show runs through November 6th.

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  1. You should post in Aporrea and put up fliers in Fuerte Tiuna. That’s where the money is.

    All the best to Kanako. I have a special piece I want to her to make for us. We’ll talk.

  2. Hmmm, transformation. Good combo — If the frayed edges of a loose weave on the announcement reflects one of Kanako’s pieces — with MA Octavio’s photographs of charcos.

  3. “Unfortunately, Kanako is too busy having a baby to make it to her own opening…”

    Conbgratulations to you both. That art is interesting, though not especially to my taste (and probably beyond my understanding). The medium is inventive.

  4. Ganbatte, Kanako-chan!

    And congratulations to Kanako-chan and baka-Toro for the new addition to the family.

    Do you need help with baby names? I’d say Kagami if it’s a girl and Ermerejildo if a boy. Oh, wait, the Maracucho is the other guy. Make it Felix if it’s a boy, then.

    • With all due respect to the Japanese culture, but if that baby is a girl and the parents plan to live in Venezuela, Kagami is the last name I would think of.

      Believe me, who was known to his friends as Bobby…………………….

  5. i like the concept.. i like that you support her, that it’s in the secaderos, and i will visit when back in town. good luck with the baby’s coming into this crazy world… and enjoy both 🙂


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