OAP's exercise in legacy sullying comes to an end


So, one down. Oswaldo Álvarez Paz has put an end to his behind-the-ambulance primary run. That’s as good a time as any to update our Oppo Field guide.

Oh and here’s a crazy thing I found while updating that post…

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    • Don’t know which was my favourite segment. Was it where Pablo says, “I have lived long,” (what, as a 28-year old?) after mentioning “our sinful plesshures”? Or, where he says “I want to keep this video short,” (at 7:50), followed by his — ta-daaa, there it is — sales pitch?

      • I had to stop at 1:40. I was getting dizzy with his strange movements back and forth. Perhaps he is trying to hypnotize people. Perhaps he managed to hypnotize you and you don’t know he has implanted a message in your subconscious mind…something you won’t remember but will ultimately carry out for him.

        • I’m a little familiar with this kind of thing because I have big problems sleeping, so I sometimes use self-hypnosis tapes to help fall asleep.

          And, let me tell you, that guy is *DEFINITELY* using trance-induction techniques in that video.


        • Kepler, Quico, I want to share with you the plesshures, plesshures evermore, by inviting you … yes, you, my friends, to know of a video by Brother Lawrence, a classic, where he describes his journey to Guarenas and the sunrise ceremony there … Just write your full email and let me know if you need help using PayPal.

  1. ISTM that when a candidate is bumped to “Dropped Out”, the description should be retained.

    Otherwise us ignorant gringos won’t understand what the drop-out’s effect is (i.e. what segment the candidate appealed to, which other candidates he competed with for support).

    Just a thought.

  2. To think that Eduardo Fernandez and this man could have had half a chance, maybe…

    Had another man, much more arrogant and power-hungry (heard the joke about the great-grandson who was disinherited because he wanted to be President when grown up? it was about that man) stepped down and let the younger generation take over. But the incredible thing was that he got elected President to finish setting the stage for Hugo Chavez’s triumph. Which included justifying the coupsters because it was popular (Fernandez, a wiser man did just the opposite and was unpopular for that) and pardoning same coupsters completely.

    Not to berate the deceased but there is and was something really wrong with Venezuelan politicians that might just be starting to cure.

    • PS: I don’t think you sully your legacy AT ALL if you realize some things in time. Even if you don’t get elected President and can become extremely unpopular even for realizing and telling the world.

      You sully your legacy by helping put your party and your whole country in the way to hell because you want power above all else and cannot accept your limitations.

      Besides, OAP (and other “hopeless”) bids could have more with their wanting a platform to get some message out. Or just to tell everyone that they still count as leaders with a constituency they have to represent, and that they step down in favor of the winner of primaries.


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